Summer is almost here, and it always comes with a beautiful season for gardening. During this season, many amateur gardeners come out to get their hands dirty. Both experts and beginners need to follow certain safety protocols to protect themselves from gardening accidents. These gardening tips from the CDC will help prevent gardening accidents this summer.

CDC gardening safety tips

Injury during gardening can be common, and that’s why lots of people contact a personal injury attorney to help them ascertain rights in such situations. These tips will help prevent injury during gardening;

  • Wear safety gear and the appropriate clothing.
  • Wear sturdy shoes, gardening gloves, and long pants to help reduce all skin irritations and wounds.
  • If you’re spraying chemicals or perhaps using motorized equipment, you must use safety goggles.
  • Put on a wide-brimmed hat with some sunscreen which prevents sunburn. Also, ensure that you are well hydrated with Gatorade drinks and water.
  • When there are ticks or mosquitoes nearby, spray insect repellent and put on long sleeved shirts with your pants tucked properly into your socks. Using high rubber boots can prevent tick bites as well since ticks are always on the ground.

What about chemicals and gardening tools, do they need extra care?

You must handle all chemicals and gardening carefully as well to prevent injury. Do so by

  1.  Testing gardening equipment to ensure that it’s working properly before the gardening season begins.
  2. Follow all safety instructions for the use of chemicals and equipment.
  3. Always sharpen all tools carefully.
  4.  Store tools, equipment, and chemicals away from the reach of children.

What else should you check during your gardening activity?

Always listen to your body, know your limits and take breaks when needed. Go on regular breaks and take water and healthy snacks. If you start feeling overheated, go inside the house or to a shaded area and take some water.

Tips for gardeners that have special needs

For gardeners who have arthritis in their hands, they can get tools that are quite easy to hold onto and also sized appropriately.

You also need to to avoid climbing any ladders or operating machinery during recovery from an illness or while under medication. This may make you drowsy and cause an accident.

If you were previously inactive, begin by gardening for at least 20 minutes daily to gradually build enough intensity and time.

Also, make sure you are properly vaccinated against tetanus in case an accident does happen.

Adults can get tetanus shots every ten years. Tetanus resides in the soil, and it can enter into the body through any break in the skin. Digging dirt and some sharp tools makes gardeners vulnerable to tetanus infections. Ensure that your tetanus/diphtheria vaccination is current before the gardening season starts. If you think you are susceptible to tetanus and the last tetanus shot you took was over five years ago, contact a physician about the need a booster shot.

When you’re injured, seek medical care. Also, if you experience arm or chest pain, dizziness, heat-related illness, and light headedness, see a doctor.

If your loved one has suffered any injury relating to gardening, you can contact a Personal Injury Attorney to advise you on the best legal path to follow.


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