Winter is over, and spring has begun. With the new season comes the eagerness to begin cleaning projects such as clearing the dirt, debris, and moss that gather up in the yard, driveway, patio and other parts of the house.

Pressure washers are useful for a lot of these activities and can clear up dirt ten times as fast as a regular hose. A hose is known to produce water at 50 PSI (pounds per square inch), while a pressure washer can produce as much as 1,500 to 4,000 PSI. It can even be used to wash cars and clean oil stains. However useful pressure washers are, they are still powerful tools and can cause serious injuries if used improperly.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 6,057 people were rushed to the ER for pressure water injuries in 2014. 14% of those ER visits eventually led to hospitalization and a long-term recovery process.

Therefore it is important to pay attention to safety tips to prevent a pressure washer injury. If you are in an accident, however, there might be grounds for a lawsuit with the help of a Florida personal injury attorney. Read on to find out.

Examples of pressure washer injuries

It is easy to wonder what kind of mishap can occur when using a pressure washer. Assume that a spray from a pressure washer is accidentally misdirected on the skin with such force as mentioned earlier. The victim will most likely suffer lacerations, cuts, bruises, punctures or eye injuries. One less known fact is that the water can remain buried in the cut spreading out and causing an infection.

How to prevent an injury

Some safety tips to practice include:

1.) Avoid using a zero-degree nozzle because this focuses all the pressure of the water in a single narrow release which can be dangerous.

2.) Use nozzles that produce a wider spray of 15° or more. They are just as effective and less risky.

3.) Connect a wand extension to your pressure washer to increase the degree of release. Most pressure washers allow this, avoid those that don’t.

4.) Always wear goggles, long pants, sleeves, and boots.

5.) Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the machinery.

6.) Never use the pressure washer or any other equipment for that matter when you’re tired or on medication.

6.) Ensure kids stay away when using the pressure washer, and adults as well. Anyone that doesn’t need to be there shouldn’t.

7.) The pressure water should always be in good condition before use.

8.) Don’t get the power cord wet at any time to avoid electrocution.

If a defective pressure washer has caused injury or death to you or a loved one, then you can file a defective product lawsuit. Get a Florida personal injury attorney to fight your claims for you. With the help of a lawyer, you can receive a larger compensation that you would without one.