For several motorists in Miami Area, this past Thanksgiving weekend was rather unfortunate. Thanksgiving holiday is considered the most dangerous holiday in the USA according to a spokesman for Florida Highway Patrol. The spokesman also stated that fatal road accidents increased to about 15% just the day before Thanksgiving. These occurrences have been the reason why Florida Highway Patrol have been keeping their eyes open to ensure that all motorist get back to their families in good health. To reduce the number of accidents, highway patrols across the nation also pledged to increase their patrols.

Among the fatal accidents that occurred, there were three that the vehicle ended up in a canal of some sort took the lives of five people.


The first incident was reported on Thursday afternoon when a vehicle skipped off of Interstate 95 in the Deerfield Beach region. A Florida Highway Patrol Spokesman states that at about 12:20 p.m., the vehicle traveling near Hillsboro Boulevard, north of the highway skipped off the road and fell in a pond nearby. The two individuals involved in the crash were immediately transferred to a nearby hospital for treatment but died shortly after.


According to Miami Garden police, the vehicle of a 33 old Miami man crashed into a Miami Gardens canal which resulted in his untimely death. The Police said that they got a call from a nearby resident around 3:30 a.m. informing them that a large splash was heard from a canal situated at N.W. 155th St. and N.W.15th Avenue. After paramedics responded to the scene, they found the body of the man afloat the ditch and try all they could to save him but would not avail. Investigators said that no other vehicles were involved in the accident.


The last water-related accidents that were recorded over the weekend by the Florida Highway Patrol occurred on Sunday afternoon in Interstate 75 extension West of Broward. The unique thing about this particular incident was that there was an explained reason behind it. Florida Highway Patrol stated that the Ford Expedition was traveling in split due to a tread on the rear tire, immediately sending the car and the couple into a canal close to Alligator Alley. The couples were returning home from a Thanksgiving visit. Other news reported that many drivers packed to save the dying couple, but all their efforts were in vain.

While the reason for the two of these accidents is unclear, hazards caused by negligent activities on construction sites and the public road can result in fatal car accidents. Carrying out investigations on the condition of the road and other factors that may have occurred in the crash is just one of the ways a car accident lawyer in Boca Raton can assist a victim of a car accident. By hiring a car accident lawyer in Boca Raton, you are taking a vital step towards protecting the legal rights of you or your loved ones involved in a car accident.