Although most people believe that motorcycle accidents are common during summer months, statistics have shown that the winter months pose a greater risk for motorcycle riders in Florida.

With the Daytona Beach Week for bikers taking place in March, the traffic and weather combination is cause for concern. Motorcycle riders suffer serious injuries during prime time. As a rider who intends to join in the peak season, you are encouraged to seek out the services of a personal injury Lawyer who will represent you in the event of an accident. The local riding events in Florida get bigger every year, and Orlando is making improvements to unlock more potentials in the future.

Watch Out For Riders To Save A Life

If you’re not part of the riding community, you may be tempted to blame motorcycle riders for accidents they get involved. It’s true that motorcycle riding is risky but if nonriders where to pay more attention while driving their vehicles, the rate of accidents involving riders will reduce dramatically. Research has shown that the majority of collisions involving riders are as a result of negligence on the part of the motorist. Over 5000 riders die in motorcycle accidents yearly, and 100,000 more suffer an injury during motorcycle accidents. In Florida alone, fatal accidents caused 577 riders their lives in one year. This number is the highest recorded nationwide. Most of these accidents occur on city roads.

Liability For Motorcycle Accidents

Legally, motorcycle accidents are complex. It is important that you discuss with a personal injury lawyer  if you or your loved one suffers injury after a collision with a motorist. The lawyer will work with you to get to the root of the problem and get you the settlement you deserve. They will provide you with the legal resources required to get you and your family members compensated as well as hold the motorist responsible. If the rider involved needs medical and rehabilitative care, they would focus on how to help he or she get the care required. It is important that you hire a lawyer who has ample experience to build a solid case that will get you the compensation you deserve. The lawyer will investigate the accident starting from the scene of the incident.

Getting a lawyer is important for a rider because riders are often wrongly blamed when collisions occur between motorists and motorcyclists. A lawyer will defend the rights of the rider and identify all the possible insurance resources available. The compensation varies from state to state and depends on many other variables. So, it is important that you seek counsel from an experienced lawyer who can represent the interests of the rider during the legal battles following a collision between a motorist and a rider.