A personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach is only as helpful as the information that they are given and when you do not hire an accident attorney, you are decreasing your ability to receive a settlement. So what is the psychology behind why people don’t report accidents to an accident attorney. Read on to learn more about the following reasons and be sure to contact a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach.


Those who do not report accidents often do so out of fear. Even if they believe in their heart that they are not in the wrong, a police report may say otherwise and diminish their willingness to fight for what is rightfully theirs. While our local police force deserves a great deal of respect for the invaluable services that they provide, they are not always 100 percent correct, especially when it comes to accident reporting.

Fear is a completely natural feeling and while it is understandable to be nervous about reporting an accident, there is no need to fear a police officer’s decision making. Even if they do not see eye to eye with you about which party acted in a negligent, there are other venues to prove your point of view, including a court of law.


There are also people who fall into the trap of feeling embarrassed when an accidents takes place. Not only do they refuse to report the accident to the proper authorities, but they will also try to keep the accident a secret from other people in their life, which keeps them from receiving the assistance that they need in these instances.

The last thing anyone wants is to be labeled as accident prone and if the person has experienced an accident in the past, this makes them far more likely to feel a strong sense of embarrassment. Admitting that you may have made a mistake can be humiliating and lead to feelings of shame that cause a person to keep their accident under their hat if possible.

Financial Difficulties

Our feelings about money play into the psychology that drives our decision making far more than most of us realize. If you are down on your luck or concerned with potential costs of repairs/litigation, you are usually far less likely to report an accident when it takes place.

From a financial standpoint, it can seem easier to weather the storm on our own and not report an accident. However, this a short sighted point of view that neglects the possibility of recurring injuries over the course of time. By enlisting an attorney to help you with your accident, you can receive the necessary settlement and put all of your financial fears to rest.