Thanks to the tireless research that a Florida injury attorney has performed, we now have new knowledge when it comes to rear facing car seats. Parents who were overly eager to remove their children from these seats before it was time can now rely on the expert advice that a Florida injury attorney has to offer.

The state of Florida has not updated their own recommendations yet and this puts parents between a rock and a hard place. Parents and guardians who are looking to avoid certain difficulties would do well to pay close attention to the new regulations, though.

The studies show that parents should be placing their children in rear facing car seats for much longer than expected. The manufacturers of these seats have provided clear instructions on how they are to be used. Too many parents are removing their children from these seats before the manufacturer suggests doing so.

By adhering to the rules that are being made by manufacturers, parents are keeping their children safe. They are also placing themselves in the right position when it comes to potential legal battles. Let’s say that a parent is forced to seek medical attention for their child and they are found to have broken the rules that were being set?

Their ability to receive compensation for the difficulties that they have experienced would be compromised significantly. The seats are also being made stronger so that parents of larger children no longer have a viable excuse. Rear facing car seats should now be used until the child is at least two years of age.

This would seem to be a good rule of thumb for all of the parents involved. These guidelines have been put into place in the wake of a 2016 accident that forever altered the life of a 20 month old child. The manufacturer of the car seat was believed to be responsible and they were found at fault because they did not offer any sort of warnings.

These manufacturers are taking their responsibility seriously and so are the parents who are responsible for keeping their little ones safe. Once the children have been able to switch to a front facing seat, parents must be sure to heed all of these manufacturers’ warnings as well. There are no exceptions being made in these instances.

If not, they are placing their children in harm’s way. Worst of all, a Florida injury attorney is not going to be able to assist them. All of the rules must be followed in these instances if children are going to receive all of the assistance that they need. Any injury attorney that you speak in the Florida region is going to offer the same advice.