While there is a wealth of knowledge available when it comes to drunk driving in the state of Florida, it does not stop motorists from continuing to make poor decisions. These accidents are still occurring on a daily basis. Worst of all, they are responsible for hundreds of deaths each year.


These accidents are more common than the average motorist would like to believe. Truck accidents are especially commonplace. These drivers will typically push themselves to their physical limit. Since they spend so much time on the road and are more likely to drive tired, this is an issue that must be addressed.

Unfortunately, some studies also demonstrate that truck drivers are also more likely to rely on various substances to remain awake on the roadways. Amphetamines and cocaine are typically used in these scenarios. Drugs like these offer the driver a momentary boost but come with severe side effects. A driver is likely to become drowsy once the initial effects have worn off.

Driver Admits To Drug Use Before Causing Crash

Some may already be aware of a recent tragic story. A dump truck driver in Avon, Indiana, found himself facing criminal charges when he caused a massive accident to take place involving 11 vehicles. Sadly, two motorists perished as a result. In the crash,  after the driver of the truck rear-ended an SUV, he continued into traffic and collided with a minivan. The other vehicles on the road were unable to avoid the results of this collision.

The driver was given a field sobriety test when the police arrived. He readily admitted to having snorted heroin before the accident took place. As it turns out, the driver had also been involved in a hit-and- run accident that took place hours earlier. The police located the vehicle that was struck and successfully determined that the same driver was responsible for both accidents. From there, several counts of reckless homicide by vehicle were filed against the impaired driver.

What To Do When An Accident Takes Place

When an accident of this nature occurs, it can be challenging for the victim to receive the necessary restitution. A personal injury attorney in St. Lucie County, Florida is able to remove all of the guesswork from the process and provide the client with the assistance that they need. If a drunk driving accident of this nature takes place, the client needs to make sure that they are obtaining the necessary legal representation.

This is where the assistance of a personal injury attorney in Jupiter or Port St. Lucie, Florida becomes invaluable. Without their help, the client is left to handle the particulars of their claim on their own. In a world where insurance companies are constantly looking to reduce their level of legal responsibility, it is easy to see why experienced legal representatives have taken on a much greater level of importance.