When summertime rolls around, there are a number of activities that Florida residents love to participate in. However, poor weather can lead to serious accidents and incidents that cause residents to need the assistance of a Florida injury attorney.

In order to avoid these types of occurrences, a Florida injury attorney will offer some key advice to their client. Inclement weather takes place in this region on a regular basis because of tropical storms. Preparing for these storms is crucial. Let’s take a closer look at the three main areas of concern.

Traveling In Low Visibility Conditions

If visibility is low, be sure to use your lights at all times. Keep the low beams on so that you are providing yourself with the correct field of vision. High beams will only cause you to experience cumbersome reflections due to precipitation. Drive slowly and use all of your signals. The reaction times are going to be reduced in these instances and basic safety precautions are critical.

Do not allow for any distractions to take place. This would be true on a clear day and it is even more crucial in scenarios like these. Defrosters and wipers must be used as well. Stopping in the road is a major no-no. This could cause the driver to be struck from behind by another vehicle that cannot stop in time.

Severe Weather

What about the more severe weather conditions? For starters, headlights and wipers must stay on at all times. If the vehicle’s wipers have been turned on, Florida law states the headlights must be in use as well. Hazard lights should not be used. According to Florida law, hazard lights can only be used when a funeral procession is taking place.

Driving slowly is a must. If there are any areas of the road that are covered in standing water, they cannot be entered. Florida winds need to be respected and drivers will have to monitor these conditions. Street lights and traffic lights could be out of commission and drivers have to remain vigilant.

Preparing For Emergencies

Unusual traffic conditions can present themselves at inopportune moments. Emergency preparedness is pivotal. If evacuation orders have been made, a Florida injury attorney will always advise clients to obey them. The worst case scenario should always be expected.

Do not drive in bad weather if at all possible and be sure to have enough food and water on hand for everyone in the vehicle. Having enough cash on hand to survive for a few days is also imperative. If a storm is taking place, the cash could be the difference between having food and lodging and being forced to wait out the storm inside of the vehicle.