Some weeks ago, a lawsuit was filed against a fraternity group of a University by the parents of freshman who died from injuries sustained from an alcohol induced accident.

On the claims of negligence and abuse of state law by illegally providing alcohol to an underage, violations of state law and the university policies on hazing, defilement of the university’s alcohol policies and hazardous and defective condition of property, the suit seeks unstipulated damages and unforeseen and medical expenses.

Based on the complaint, the victim and other members had been informed that their pledges would have a dry candidate program and the group frowned at alcohol misuse. Also, they were issued a written in which fraternity members swore not to carry out any hazing activity or abuse alcohol. In the suit, they stated that the defendants that although the fraternity group knew the health and safety of the pledge members were at risk from activities of hazing and misuse of alcohol, they still implemented unhealthy choices during their initiation event. The complaint also stressed that the defendants deliberately and negligently refused to disclose to the victim and other gullible members that contrary to their program’s principle, their wrong choice to undertake the harmful procedure was not based on honor but past precedent.

As a result, the victim was unconsciously knocked out after he smacked his head on a concrete wall from falling down a dark staircase that leads to the basement of the fraternity house. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and died 11 days after the incident.

Before the fall though, he was indulged in drinking about a third of a 750-milliliter bottle of rum by a so-called big brother that was designated to him by the fraternity. Tests revealed that the victim’s blood-alcohol level was at .30 after he was admitted to a hospital more an hour later after he had fallen.

The complaint also mentioned that the fraternity had been placed on probation the prior year for violating the university’s Student Code of Conduct at a party. At this party, intoxication and underage drinking took place. The probation was active until the end of the spring 2016 semester, and the fraternity was ordered to come up with risk management policies and conduct an educational alcohol session for its members.

Professionally represented by a law firm, the lawsuit his parents filed against the fraternity group spelled out the unfortunate events that surrounded the death of their son.

An official statement released by the umbrella to which the fraternity belonged to, stated that the fraternity that was established in 1914 has had their charter revoked last January for violations of its laws, policies, and principles.

This tragic incident can happen at any fraternity here in Florida as well.  Contact a Florida personal injury attorney to discuss your situation and see if you should proceed demanding damages.