Advocates of elder care are proceeding with a plan of adding the rights of the nursing home bill to the constitution of Florida. The negligence of lawyers by nursing homes remain alarmed by the industry of nursing home in the nation. But maybe, there is no other place in the nation that encounters lots of challenges as Florida with its growing and aging population. Yet, when nursing home problems are being addressed by lawmakers, it seems more like they are aiming to minimize supervision, funding, or even both.

From all bedsores treatment and prevention, to fundamental emergency planning, when it comes to the dangers caused by the for-profit industry of nursing home the risk is real. It was recently reported that two nursing homes in Southwest Florida were among the twenty-one facilities that are not in accordance with the new requirements that are designed to take care of long power outages like the one that led to the death of over a dozen residents of Broward County nursing home.

The rights’ Bill advocates said it would protect residents from future moves by every federal or state lawmaker with a history of retreating regulations at the industry of nursing home’s order or command.

Proposal 88 Targets the Neglect and Abuse of Nursing Homes

The bill of right that was recently proposed is known Proposal 88. The proposal is currently being subject to public hearing, and if the Constitution Revision Commission of the state approves it, it will go before voters by November. Coupled with other things, the proposal would give residents’ access to court as well as the ability to sue with no limitations on damages.

Also, they can’t be asked to wave their rights, a move that is aimed at liability waivers industry abuse, which facilities usually force family members of patients to sign as an admittance condition. Statewide, over seventy thousand Floridians are nursing home residents. If you need any legal help, you can contact a Florida car accident lawyer.

Choosing an SWFL Nursing Home

Holiday periods are usually a great period to spend time with extended family and friends. The winter tourist season in Florida also brings grandchildren and children from the northern states that are very cold to South Florida to spend time with their loved ones that are aging. Determining the best time or when aging loved ones should seek professional care is usually an emotional, difficult decision. Determining the type of care they need has also become a daunting task because of the proliferation of assisted-living facilities and home-health services.

But when looking for a nursing home in SWFL, it is recommended that you go for an option that provides older adults the care they need and also give them enough independence and freedom as possible. If you are having any issues with nursing home neglect or abuse, you can contact a Florida car accident lawyer.


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