Normally, car accidents have long-lasting traumatic repercussions. But a special case of a car rolling over during the event of an automobile accident is a very extreme case. The injuries that come with cars rolling over during accidents are said to be fatal.

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Rollovers rarely occur, but they amount to about 30% of fatalities. The taller a car is, the more it is expected to rollover during an accident. SUVs, commercial vehicles, passenger vans are much more prone to rollovers. This doesn’t generally imply that other cars are immune.

Over the past decade, it has been reported by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that rollover fatalities have reduced significantly. The drop in death rate is so significant that 27 deaths were recorded in the year 2000, but in the year 2012, only 12 fatalities were recorded. This figure was verified by various IT support for law firms. It has also been noticed that SUVs have lower driver fatalities compared to other automobiles.

SUVs have side airbags and features that aid electronic stability and these features have improved the safety of both drivers and passengers in SUVs.

Nevertheless, it is strictly advised that drivers do not take too much advantage of the safety features that come with these SUVs. It is important that drivers heed the advice of manufacturers and experts. This will overtly reduce the risks of rollover accidents.

Commercial vehicles are forced by safety agencies to avoid overloading and passenger vehicles are advised to observe these limits also. Vehicles like SUVs, trucks or vans are affected when they are so laden that items are also put on the roof of the vehicle. It tells on the stability of the vehicle. Every cargo is better placed on the vehicle floor and in the middle, so as to distribute the weight evenly.

Features that aid car safety does not prevent accidents from occurring.

Wobbly tires also can cause accidents. It is advised by manufacturers and experts that tire maintenance should frequently be effected. All tires should have equal air pressure to have a stable vehicle. The stability of the vehicle is affected when a tire is flat. The tires should be aligned also.

On the other hand, when a tire or the tires are over inflated, it can lead to serious accidents. Car owners should check the air pressure levels at least once every month to reduce the risk of road accidents.

The many rollover accidents that occur always happen when a driver turns fast to avoid an impending accident. When drivers text and drive, when they eat or talk during driving, they are also vulnerable to accidents.

When they are distracted, they tend to swerve fast to avoid it but find themselves in fatal rollover accidents. Seat belts are very popular life savers in rollover accidents. They prevent people from getting ejected from vehicles when rollover accidents occur. Road users are strictly advised always to use seat belts whenever they are in moving vehicles.