Driving on a highway under construction can be nerve wrecking. Some drivers become anxious and nervous when driving through these areas. Because of the construction, the need to drive slowly becomes unavoidable. There are certain things you need to do to be safer driving on a highway under construction. When you drive through these areas, it should remind you that you have to apply more safety while driving and also get a personal injury attorney in Palm Beach if your loved gets involved in such an incident.

Around 2009 and 2014, the Federal Highway Administration recorded about 4,400 fatalities and over 200,00 injuries in highway construction areas. These report showed that drivers suffered the most injuries and fatal accident.

Florida department of transportation reported that in 2014 the number of drivers who were involved in crashes was about 581,090, fatal crashes were 2,336, and the injuries recorded were 225,608. Pedestrians who were injured were about 7,737 and about 606 died. In 2015, there was an increase in the number of drivers who were involved in crashes, 630,550 drivers were involved in crashes, the fatal crashes reported were 2,939 and pedestrians who were involved in fatalities are 632.

Crashes on construction zones can escalate very fast and it may also involve other vehicles, pedestrians, and even workers on site. The Federal Highway Administration reported that most of the crashes involved adults. According to the report, these crashes occur during the summer and most occurred on roads where the speed limit was above 50mph.

Below are the following steps to drive safely in a highway construction zone;

  1. The stopping distance for your vehicle should be, dry road 300 feet, wet road 400 feet, and an icy pavement about 1250 feet.
  1. When driving in a construction zone don’t tailgate.
  1. It’s also very important to obey the speed limit in the work zone area.
  1. Ensure that your headlamps are on so that other drivers can see you coming.
  1. Don’t allow anything like phone calls distract you while driving. It’s very crucial that you remain alert and focused because some unexpected events can occur.
  1. Driving to the last foot on the highway before merging is not advisable.
  1. Don’t change your lanes except you are instructed to do so. This important because a construction truck may just be the one making use of the adjacent lane.
  1. They are always flaggers on most construction zones please ensure that you obey them.
  1. Stay calm, for it’s better to be late than late. There is no need driving in a rush.

Finally, if your loved one is involved in a Highway construction zone and the crash was not of your own making then call a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach to assist you handle the matter.


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