Florida Health is promoting the “Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries” (STEADI) toolkit, which provides resources for preventing fall to healthcare patients and providers. Florida is the center of a wide-range of fall accidents among seniors. One of the leading cause of accidental death among elderly adults in America is fall accidents – according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Every year, about 3,000,000 seniors visit hospital emergency rooms after a fall incident. If you have a fall accident case, you’d need the help of a personal injury attorney in Florida.

Fall Accident Injuries – A Threat at Nursing Home in Florida

Caregiver training is a crucial issue as the elderly adults that are most likely to call are those in senior care facilities or nursing home – where over 50% of the patients experience a fall every year, according to NIH. Fall accidents in nursing homes are preventable to a good extent. Elderly adults live in such facilities specifically because they need assistance and supervision.

Most times, these fall accidents significantly disable elderly adults and often lead them to early death. This is a very crucial safety issue because senior residents have a higher tendency of falling and they are also more likely to sustain severe injuries whenever such an incident occurs.

Fall accidents are the leading cause of hip fracture, and they cause over 95% of hip fractures – according to the CDC. Fall accidents also result in broken hands, ankles, wrists, and arms. Even the fear of falling might decrease the mobility of an elderly to the point where they start depending on someone for everything.

Fall Accidents on Business Property in South Florida

In Southwest Florida, there are a lot of businesses that cater specifically for the elderly. Such businesses should be very careful and provide elderly adults with sufficient lighting, adequate handrails, signage, as well as other safety features. Providing elderly adults with those things is the right thing to do, and it may even reduce the liability of the business owner in the event of a fall incident.

F.S. 768.0755 of the premises liability law of Florida makes organizations liable for wet floors or other obstructions on the floor of the organization’s facility if the organization is fully or passively aware of the dangerous condition and should have done something to fix it.

The fact is, the retirement population in South Florida means property and business owners should be extremely careful and make that extra effort to make sure a fall accident that is preventable does not happen on their property or watch. Even those caring for seniors need to make sure they take fall prevention very seriously. If you reside in Florida and you have an injury case, a personal injury attorney can help you out.