Being injured as the result of an accident is an extremely emotional experience. On top of those emotions, we are often also handling doctor appointments and are still required to keep up with our daily lives as far as work and family. Having to settle on a personal injury case at the same time as all of this is truly taxing. This is where a personal injury attorney can help you.


Choosing to settle on a personal injury case is not as easy as it seems, and there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Most insurance companies refuse to resolve a personal injury case at all until a settlement has been reached, but with the requirement that all claims are released. Keeping this in mind, be sure you have reached a maximum medical improvement (MMI) before you choose to settle because otherwise you may not be given what you deserve. There are several things to ask yourself when you are getting ready for a settlement. What was the diagnosis of your injury? Has your medical care helped improve that injury? Have you suffered any permanent injuries? Will you require ongoing medical care? Have you suffered any lost wages, and will that be ongoing?


Once a negotiation begins, be sure to weigh all factors of the personal injury case. Your personal injury attorney will be a very valuable tool for you as they know all the ins and outs of these type of situations. The demands of you, the injured, and offers of the responsible party will leave room for negotiation. As time goes on, it becomes obvious where the insurance company stands, and this is when you may start to consider either a settlement or filing a lawsuit.

There are rules involved in the process of negotiation that are new and confusing to many people. Firstly, always be confident when negotiating; do not let the responsible party try to take advantage of your emotional state. There are obvious strong points in your case, but there are also always weaknesses on both sides. Be aware of both as you begin to navigate the negotiation process. While you are attempting to settle with the insurance company, be aware that you are still dealing with someone else’s money. Insurance companies are not quick to hand out money, and they will often want a lot of hard evidence before going that route.


Personal injury cases are always emotional for both parties, so do not forget that the non-injured party is just as emotional as you are. Your personal injury attorney cannot heal your injury, but they are there to help you navigate the process to help recover lost wages, money spent on medical care, as well as try to get you compensation for your pain and suffering caused by the accident. Remember to be realistic throughout the entire process and to not let your emotions cause you to be demanding or unreasonable.