A recent crash on the Florida Turnpike raised serious questions about a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle while experiencing fatigue. Thankfully, the driver and all four of the passengers were able to escape the accident without injury, but police reports showed that the man was tired, and his fatigue contributed to the crash.


In addition to the investigating officers, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles also weighed in. They warned drivers who are tired of the potential adverse consequences of driving while tired. Drowsy driving should obviously be discouraged, but there are some drivers in Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens who may not be fully aware.

What Do Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens Drivers Need To Know?

Even the CDC has issued important information on this matter. Studies show that those who have been awake for 18 to 24 hours experience the same sort of impairment that takes place when alcoholic beverages are consumed. In other words, driving while sleep deprived is as just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

How an Auto Accident Lawyer Can Help

Once accidents like these take place, an auto accident lawyer must be notified immediately. An accident lawyer provides the necessary insight right away. An accident lawyer also explains the elements of what constitutes dangerous driving:

Slowed Reaction Times

When drivers are drowsy, their reaction times slow down precipitously. An accident lawyer is happy to explain. If the driver feels a sense of heaviness around their ankles and wrists, this is a sign that they should not be driving. Drivers should know when it is time to pull over and take a nap.

Potential Mental Fog

The sleepier we become, the more likely our brain is to go to sleep. A Jupiter car accident lawyer can let their clients know about the dangers of micro sleeps. These are the short bursts of sleep that take place, even when the driver’s eyes remain open. This is our brain’s way of trying to steal a few moments of rest, according to experienced Jupiter car accident lawyers and the CDC.

Lack of Control of the Vehicle

An accident attorney also warn about potential loss of control of the vehicle. The brain often switches off when we are sleep deprived. This is why an accident attorneys recommend pulling over or not driving at all while sleep deprived. Don’t make the mistake of driving while sleepy and ignoring a car accident lawyer’s advice.

The Bottom Line

Do not drive while sleep deprived for any reason whatsoever. A car accident lawyer’s ability to assist a client depends on their ability to present a compelling case. People who drive while drowsy are not only risking their own lives, but they are also a danger to other drivers.


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