While alcohol is known to impair the judgment of Florida drivers, the role of marijuana and opioids cannot be understated either. Once the spring and summer seasons arrive, these concerns become even more pronounced. Drunk drivers are often blamed for the impairment of drivers, but those who pay close attention know there are other causes of impaired drivers on our roads in South Florida.


Recent statistics prove that the opioid crisis is also to blame for any number of accidents caused by impaired drivers. Additionally, many consumer watch dogs are concerned that now that marijuana usage laws are being relaxed, there may be more drivers who are putting others at risk. Florida residents must be aware of the role of marijuana and opioids in causing accidents on our roadways.

South Florida Drunk Driving Injury Risks

Various organizations (such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving) have been working tirelessly to raise awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence. A personal injury attorney in Jupiter and Port St. Lucie Florida can also have these discussions with their potential clients. These attorneys are also trying their best to raise awareness about the risks that extend outside of alcohol consumption to other drugs or medications that may cause impairment while driving.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is also trying their best to put a stop to certain misconceptions that have been allowed to circulate. Their “Drive Baked, Get Busted” campaign aims to change the perception that driving while high is a victimless crime. These ads have been an important aspect of the culture now that medical marijuana has been legalized.

Clearly the use of these types of substances adds to the number of accidents and incidents that are taking place. Nevertheless, it can be more difficult for the authorities to prove that a motorist is operating their vehicle under the influence when marijuana or opioids are involved, as opposed to alcohol. This is because the use of these substances often requires blood and/or urine tests, which cannot be performed at the scene, like a breathalyzer. This is a point of emphasis for any personal injury attorney in Florida. So how can victims of these types of accidents prepare themselves for what comes next?

Wrongful Death and DUI Personal Injury Lawsuits

Florida residents must be aware of the penalties that are associated with every form of impaired driving. Illegal medications and even legalized medications fall under the DUI umbrella. Even a motorist that obeys all medical orders and uses their prescriptions under doctor’s orders can still experience impaired judgment and should not be behind the wheel.

These cases come with any number of questions when it comes to determining liability. That’s why an experienced legal representative is so important. It is crucial that the law firm has the necessary experience when it comes to representing motorists who are grappling with damages caused by intoxicated or impaired defendants. Top auto accident attorneys also help their clients when it comes to determining the full extent of the damages.