As an athlete, injuries are unavoidable whether you are a professional or you just play for a school. It may be minor injuries such as muscle sprains or serious injuries. However, how does an athlete get compensation in such situation? Often, the organizers of the event may compensate athletes who sustain serious injuries during sports activities. While at times, compensation can come from a school or sports league. In the case of neglect, a personal injury lawyer can be of great help.

Schools, as well as the sports leagues, should take responsibility by ensuring safety during sporting activities and also the proper orientation of players, making them aware of the possibility of injuries and the risk involved in the game before they are to participate. A personal injury lawyer can help the player file a case of negligence against the organization in situations whereby the athlete is not aware of the risks and sustains a serious injury in the process.

The injured participant is entitled to compensation for damages in sports injuries that occur through the negligence of a third party. The costs may include expenses for medicines, medical bills, lost wages, crutches and for emotion distress (pain and suffering).

Increase in the cases of CTE among Football players

Recent studies have shown that both amateur and professional football players have a high chance of developing CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Though the ailment is not new, there have been frequent mentions in the media as result of lawsuits filed against the NFL by many ex NFL players and their families. It is now evident that CTE is common among athletes than what the public is aware. Further research is ongoing to determine the cause of the disease and what makes it prevalent among not only football players but also among rugby, hockey, soccer players as well as other athletes.

A degenerative brain disease CTE is prevalent among people who have had multiple injuries in the head as a result of repeated blows. Some symptoms of CTE are short-term memory loss, depression, substance abuse, and thoughtless behavior. In some cases, the victim can even have suicidal thoughts and actions. The disease can however only be diagnosed when the victim is dead through a post-mortem and not while the person is alive. That is why most of the cases have not been reported.

What do you do if you or your loved one get injured in a sports accident in Florida?

In a situation where either your any of your family or friends sustain an injury during games. Whether in a high school, college or even a professional sport you may have the right to receive compensation to help you recover from the accident. To make the process less stressful, you will need the services of a law firm that has experience in helping injured persons with getting their compensation in Florida without stress. Consult a professional personal injury lawyer today.