The State of Florida has always been rated #1 in terms of car crashes and bad driving habits. This is not a mere guesswork. There are several reports that confirm this. One of them revealed that more than 250,000 car crashes occur every year in Florida. While over 100,000 accidents result in serious injuries, about 1,800 deaths usually result from car crashes in Florida every year.

Considering these disturbing statistics, it is not out of place to do a research to get and keep the contact of an experienced Florida injury attorney. You can drive with care, obey all traffic rules and regulations and still get involved in an accident when one of the bad drivers in Florida runs into you.

Before arriving at Florida being the state with the worst driving records, several statistics were put into consideration. Some of the variables used are

  • Number of DUI accidents
  • Number of traffic tickets issued
  • Number of traffic fatalities
  • Number of uninsured drivers
  • Total number of drivers in Florida

The variables above were analyzed and Florida ranked #1. One funny statistics that brought Florida’s bad driving habit is their number of internet searches for both “speeding tickets” and “traffic tickets”. Florida has the highest number of searches. You may want to ask, why would anyone search out those terms if not that he or she has been issued one of those tickets?

The only state whose number of uninsured drivers is higher than that of Florida is Oklahoma. Talking about insurance, it is mandatory for drivers to have a certain level of insurance to be able to operate a vehicle legally in Florida. The minimum amount is $10,000 for personal injury and $10,000 for property damage liability.

Unfortunately, this amount is low as a lot of accidents usually result in damages that are much more than that. This is why it is better to purchase insurance policy that is more than the minimum amount required by the law of Florida.

Therefore, it is advised that motorists obtain more than the minimum required level of insurance. Besides, not all insurance claims are honored by insurance companies. Some of them also offer claim settlement that is much lower than the appropriate amount.

This is why you need the services of an experienced Florida Injury Attorney. Sometimes it may be better to take lowball settlement if your chances of winning a case are slim. However, most times it is better to go ahead with a personal injury suit to get more compensation. This is because most insurance companies will only offer such settlement if you stand a chance of getting more through a lawsuit.

Sometimes the involvement of an attorney in your case facilitates the payment of your claims even without much physical efforts from your attorney. If you or any of your loved ones is involved in an accident, do not hesitate to reach out to a Florida injury attorney.