September 20

Working With A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida To Understand The Requirements Of A Tort Claims Act

Before now, it had been relatively difficult to hold government actors (in federal, state, and local levels) accountable for injuries they are liable of as there was no provision for such in the law. Basically, to a large extent, governments were believed to have immunity from tort liability and so, they cannot be held responsible.

July 25

The Best Advice From A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida To Avoid Summer Driving Accidents

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is providing much needed advice to Florida motorists who are looking to stay safe this summer. They are preaching the importance of slowing down and staying cool during the summer months. While the average Florida motorist does not always consider the ramifications of their driving decisions,.

May 10

How An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Can Help Those Involved In A Serious Intersection Collision

Currently, there is a high rate of intersection accidents across South Florida. Some people residing in a neighborhood in Florida are already casting blames on the lack of a functional traffic signal. According to a recent report by FOX4, there is the need for a traffic light at natural points of traffic like Alderman’s Walk.

April 23

Read This Before You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida To Settle A Florida Dog Bite Case

For many centuries now, dogs have been historically known to live with man. However, there are times when this mutual relationship can lead to sad occurrences with inflicting bites that can cause serious injuries. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that they can hire the services of a personal injury attorney in Florida to seek financial compensation.

April 9

Personal Injury Attorney In Florida – Drowning Prevention

Water is one of the most dangerous things that surrounds us. Most people don’t recognize the dangers that water poses. More than a dozen people in Southwest Florida drowned recently. Their deaths could have been avoided. If your friend or relative was a victim of drowning, contact a personal injury attorney in Florida. He or.

February 15

A Florida Car Accident Lawyer For Bike Path Liability

One of the leading causes of biking injuries is biking on a dangerous road filled with cars and other hazards. These roads are high traffic areas and the chance of getting hit by a car is high. About 18 percent of all fatal bike accidents that involves automobiles occur in Florida. Nationally, about 800 people.