November 16

Making Sure Your Teen Is Prepared To Drive: A Florida Parent’s Checklist

A Florida personal injury attorney can assist a parent and their teen driver if they have experienced any sort of accident or incident. In a perfect world, these types of occurrences would never have the chance to take place. According to the National Security Council [], teen driving accidents are the number one cause of.

September 13

Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Advises On Chain-Reaction Collisions

A 45-car pileup which occurred in Tallahassee has been attributed to bad weather and slow traffic. In a report by the Tallahassee Democrat, eight people were injured and there were several hours of gridlock in the state capital which led to great discomfort for motorists. The incident happened during the afternoon rush hour and involved.

September 12

Premises Liability Lawsuit: The Role Of A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida

When it comes to Florida premises liability lawsuits, it is always important to consider the landowner’s negligence as regards property maintenance. There are a variety of factors courts consider in order to legally determine if a landowner is negligent. Some of these factors include: The existing relationship between both parties; The nature of the defendant’s.

August 22

How A Florida Injury Attorney Can Assist During A Liability Case

While train accidents do not take place in Florida at the same rate as they once did, a Florida injury attorney will still receive calls about cases like these on a shockingly regular basis. Hundreds of fatalities take place because of train accidents each year and an Orlando injury attorney can assist clients who are.

June 22

Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida For A Truck Accident Case In Florida

This case does not only underscore the importance of expert witness testimony to truck accident lawsuits, it also underscores its timeliness. According to an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida, trucking accidents are usually fatal and without any expert witness testimony, the negligent driver may go scot free. Every personal injury attorney in Florida understands.

May 8

Florida Injury Attorney For The Deadliest Time On Local Roads

When are you most likely to be in an accident? According to one news outlet, the afternoon is the riskiest time of the day to be driving. This conclusion was reached after studying data gathered from the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Unlike the morning, which has several factors that could lead to an accident (drivers rushing.

May 4

Why The Cases Of Rear-End Collisions Have Increased

Recently, a man rammed his vehicle into the rear end of a stationary dump truck at a particular intersection and lost his life right away. This has recently brought the issues of the dangers of rear-end collisions to the front burner. There is a marked increase in this type of collisions and while some of.

April 17

The Need For A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida

Baring any extraordinary circumstance, the verdict of any jury in a Florida auto accident case pertaining to the defendant’s liabilities to the plaintiff is protected from any form of review. In the event, however, that the verdict reached by the jury was in favor of the plaintiff, the monetary reward pegged by the jury is.