While most parents are probably happy to watch their kids head back to school and are glad to see that summer is finally drawing to close, there are certain concerns that need to be addressed during the back to school season. If these concerns are not handled properly, a parent could be left to rely on the services of a Florida injury attorney.

A Florida injury attorney is always going to be available to any parent who finds themselves in need but that does not mean that they should remain unaware of certain risks. South Florida authorities are trying their best to safeguard young drivers and they have come up with some key rules that are designed to achieve that objective.

Thanks to the graduated licensing laws that Florida has put into place, teen drivers are able to enjoy a greater level of safety. All of the other motorists who share the road with young drivers are happy to find out more about these privileges as well.

In order for a potential applicant to receive a learner’s license, they need to be at least 15 years of age and have their parents’ consent. The Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course must be completed and they will also need to pass a vision and hearing examination. A Class E knowledge exam is also administered and the applicant needs to be accompanied by a licensed driver who is already 21 years old.

Once the applicant turns 16, they are eligible to receive a full fledged driver’s license. The test cannot be taken unless the driver has already obtained a learner’s license and successfully driven for 12 months without any violations taking place. Parents who wish to make sure that their children learn the rules of the road are encouraged to get them started early.

There are a few risks that need to be mentioned when it comes to teen driving, however. These risks tend to be magnified during back to school season as well. Distracted driving is chief among them. That is why teens need to beware of overusing their electronic devices. Text messages and phone calls can always wait until the driver has arrived at their chosen destination.

Speeding must also be monitored. Any unsafe behavior that detracts from a person’s driving needs to be reigned in so that accidents do not occur. A Florida injury attorney can assist but that does not mean that they are miracle workers. Any accidents caused by the driver themselves will result in the necessary consequences.

Parents need to take the time to talk to their children about the rules of the road so that they are fully aware of the issues that tend to take place. A teen’s driving privileges could be taken from them at any time if they are not properly aware.