The need for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Florida has never been more important with the alarming rate of gunshot injuries in children recorded in the state. Apart from injuries, child deaths caused by gunshot wounds are also on the rise.

The reports gathered from the discharge data of a hospital in Florida states that the number of children who die from gunshot injuries has increased from 75 to 105 between 2010 and 2016. The rate of injuries sustained from gunshot incidents has also increased dramatically. About 1300 children in Florida die yearly as a result of firearm accidents while over 6000 are treated of gunshot wounds.

Child Injuries And Gun Safety in Florida

National safety experts and local firearm dealers advocate the responsible use of firearms. Individuals who own guns are advised to lock the guns all the time and keep them in a safe place that is above the reach of children. Also, parents and guardians are encouraged to give their children gun safety tutorials. The rate of accidental gun deaths is far higher than the rate of homicides.

What Is The Liability For Firearm Injuries?

Fatal injuries that involve children are tragic and should be treated with utmost concern. It’s true that filing a wrongful death claim cannot bring back the dead child, but it can help the family pay for burial and medical expenses. Also, it helps make the individual responsible accountable for his or her actions. When a child dies as a result of a gunshot wound a personal injury lawyer  will be able to help the family through the legal process. The lawyer will examine the role the homeowner had to play in the incident as well as his or her insurance coverage. If the child died because the homeowner failed to practice responsible firearm safety, a legal liability claim would follow. It is important that every homeowner follows the safety rules and regulations governing the use of firearms. This will help reduce the occurrence of these tragic events, and it will also save you from the painful legal battles that are associated with such cases. The laws of Florida typically consider the circumstances surrounding the event before holding a homeowner liable. What this means is that the charges will depend on whether an individual was trespassing or was invited to the house. However, when it comes to fatalities involving children, the homeowner will be held liable whether or not the child was trespassing.

It is important that you keep your firearms out of the reach of children and follow all the safety rules when utilizing a firearm for work or leisure. If everyone does this, the rate of child deaths from gunshot wounds in Florida will reduce.