Thanksgiving Travel

It is quite obvious and popularly known that Americans usually travel in Thanksgiving holidays in tens of millions. While a significant percentage of that is known to travel by air, a far larger percentage of Americans travel by land. And an accurate statistics presented by the American Automobile Association clearly support that theory. The reported presented in 2016 estimated that 49 million Americans would during this period (Thanksgiving holiday). And it also stated that 89% of the 49 million Americans who traveled used car.

Though there is a controversy about the day that is busier—Wednesday before Thanksgiving or Thursday which was Thanksgiving Day—and occupied by tens of millions of Americans, all sources indicated that US highways would be most used during the Thanksgiving holiday. it simply means, in other words, that it is the busiest week for travelers in the year.

And there are some safety precautionary measures you should always take before you get on the road. You should start by doing an inspection of the pressure of the tire of your car. The inspection should also include the windshield wipers, and tire tread. You should bring an emergency kit that contains jumper cables, flashlight, shovel, and extra clothing or extra blankets, if you want to travel to areas with potential winter weather as recommended by AAA.

Cargo Carriers

There are other items that are very useful (as transport systems for clothing, paddles, skis, and so on) for those going on road trips. Some of these items are: bags, cargo boxes, tops, and baskets. You would love to use storage systems that are easy-to-use because they provide additional storage space outside the cabin even if you a novice or experienced road trippers. Also, they are usually installed on the vehicle top using top rack, while some hang down from the luggage racks for instance a car back carrier.

Due to those items like baskets, cargo tops, boxes, and other items, the problem of lack of space is solved. But there is a problem with cargo carriers. Some of those problems are height restrictions, extra wind resistance, and noise. You should put these into consideration before you decide to make use of them. And you need to figure out the type of system that is most suitable for your car.

In addition to all that, here is a recap of these ideas that been said.

  1. You should not drink if you want to drive as it could affect your focus and reaction time negatively.
  2. Don’t get distracted by phones and other things like eating and drinking.
  3. You should use your seat belts always, and obey the laws in Florida.
  4. And you should always obey traffic laws too.

And in the instance that there is a car accident, you would need a personal injury attorney in Florida especially if you are not the culprit. Also, if you are the culprit, you would still need a personal injury attorney in Florida to help out in all legal matters and compensations to be made.


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