The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is providing much needed advice to Florida motorists who are looking to stay safe this summer. They are preaching the importance of slowing down and staying cool during the summer months.

While the average Florida motorist does not always consider the ramifications of their driving decisions, they will learn the error of their ways once they are forced to contact a personal injury attorney in Florida.

The average driver does not always associate the summer season with an increased number of accidents. This is a mindset that an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida will encourage potential clients to avoid. This is a season where vigilance is key.

Remaining proactive when it comes to protecting your vehicle is also pivotal. The following tips and pointers are designed to keep motorists safe and allow them to avoid the unnecessary accidents and incidents that can take place due to inclement summer weather.

Maintain a Safe Driving Speed

In other words: what is the rush? There is no reason to be traveling at high rates of speed. Obeying the speed limit is not only a great way to remain safe, it is also a great way to steer clear (pun intended) of unwanted speeding tickets.

Check Tires Often

All it takes is one moment of forgetfulness to cause a major accident. The heat that emanates from the road can have a negative effect and so can severe summer storms. Even if the weather has been good, it still behooves us to check our tires on a consistent basis. High temperatures can do irreversible damage to the rubber of the tires.

Wear a Seatbelt

A seat belt keeps the driver safe if a collision takes place and it is also required by law. Don’t make the mistake of risking bodily harm and/or a costly traffic ticket.

Remain Prepared

Severe weather advisories must always be taken with the utmost level of seriousness. If an evacuation warning is being issued, it is in the best interests of the motorist to obey. Waiting until the last possible moment to evacuate is never in the best interests of any Florida resident.

Beating The Heat

Heat stroke is a common issue that is not always addressed properly. Pets, children and the elderly are at an increased level of risk so monitor them closely once the temperatures start to rise.

Do Not Drink and Drive

Summertime driving is already fraught with danger. The last thing that any motorist should be doing is increasing the level of risk involved. There are already too many problems that can occur without adding alcoholic beverages to the equation. Ride share services are always on hand to provide the necessary assistance.