The Florida personal injury lawyers are well aware that distracted drivers bringing about car accidents is a non-essential problem that is disturbing the roadways of Florida, despite the fact that awareness month for distracted driving is April. Even a recent report says that over 90% drivers in Florida use phones whole driving and that is why it is ranked the second worst state connected to distracted driving.

Although some of the generated reports made many government regulators realize so many facts, the drivers are really aware of the large number of motorists who are so inconsiderate and do not care about the safety of others. These inconsiderate drivers are fond of using phones while driving which is very risky to their lives and others on the roadway. You see so many of these drivers with phones in one hand, while they drive with the other on any trip. The department of Highway safety and motor cars in Florida also reported that over the last year, almost fifty thousand motor accidents on the roads in Florida are caused by distracted driving. And many of these accidents resulted to many personal injuries and deaths, like 4000 injuries and 200 deaths.

Most drivers do not want to accept they are not safe while on the road. Most of them think they are safe motorists. They fail to realize how they often text, tweet and use their phones while they are driving. Most of these drivers use their cars poorly while in motion. Reading, texting or checking anything on the phone distracts the driver and diverts his eyes from the road to the phone for few seconds. Now imagine a car that is traveling at a speed of 45 mph, it will literally go beyond 300 feet before the driver gets his eyes back on the road to continue his journey. This can cause many dangers on the road.

Even with all these clear dangers of distracted driving, Florida is still among the states that does not make the use of phone by drivers a major traffic offense. A police officer does not have the right to sue a driver that is texting and driving at the same time.

A distracted driver has the probability of causing an accident, and to combat this, many insurance firms put into consideration that their customers should put devices that can observe their behaviors in their vehicles. It is so unfortunate that most drives do not know that these insurance firms want to really put the drivers they think are not driving safe to punishment.

The Motor Car accident lawyers in Florida believe in educating the drivers, especially the young ones on the danger of distracted driving. They believe this is the best step to take instead of giving the insurance firms free access to driving behavior.