When a Palm Beach County Florida car accident attorney is contacted, one of the most important questions that is going to be asked will center around uninsured (UM) and under insured motorist (UIM) coverage. This is a crucial form of coverage that all Florida residents need to be aware of. Whether you are someone who drives often or you only drive sparingly, the following guide will provide further information on the absolute necessity of this form of insurance coverage.


Many Florida Drivers Are Not Insured

There is simply no way of knowing which Florida drivers are insured and which drivers are not. That’s why a Jupiter, Florida car accident lawyer will always recommend purchasing uninsured and under insured motorist coverage. Many drivers are blissfully unaware of the fact that their fellow motorists are not carrying any form of coverage whatsoever and are “uninsured.” This obviously becomes very problematic if an accident happens.

Florida Drivers Do Not Always Have Sufficient Coverage

While there are a wide range of Florida drivers who have obtained insurance coverage, that does not mean that their policies are sufficient. In many instances, a Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens driver will have coverage that is minimal, and they are woefully “underinsured” for the injuries and damages sustained in a particular accident.

UM/UIM is special coverage you can purchase from your own insurance company so that if you are harmed in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, and that driver is not insured at all (uninsured) or doesn’t carry enough insurance (underinsured) you can protect yourself and your family members. Without this coverage, an injured party may be left out in the cold when all is said and done.

Exterior Protection

These forms of coverage also offer a Florida motorist the chance to enjoy exterior protection. Let’s say that the policy holder is in the process of walking down the street when they are struck by a driver without insurance. Even if the driver does not have insurance or they are under insured, UM/UIM coverage ensures that the pedestrian remains protected.

This coverage also extends to those who are traveling in the vehicle of a friend or loved one. Those who are involved in accidents that do not take place while they are using their own vehicle benefit immensely. Even drivers who are not actually behind the wheel can still enjoy the same level of protection.

A northern Palm Beach County car accident lawyer can assist clients who are looking to learn more about this type of coverage. By taking the time to obtain the proper coverage, a motorist in the Sunshine State is able to (quite literally) steer clear of the usual pitfalls.