The number of car crashes in construction zones on Florida roads gives cause for concern. Something has to be done to mitigate the trend. This is why motorists are being urged to tread construction zones with so much caution especially when summer is fast approaching and traveling will be at its peak.

Development in Florida never stops and that is why you will always witness the construction of one road or the other. Unfortunately, road construction accidents are rampant in South Florida and other parts of Florida. Construction zone accidents are not only dangerous for motorists, they are also dangerous for members of the construction crews. Motorists now have to be more careful as this is the period when a lot of construction works will commence.

Every Florida injury attorney believes that this is the period when motorists need to be extra careful as the number of construction zones on the road will increase drastically. Construction crews are the most vulnerable to construction accidents. As a motorist, it is in your own interest to be more careful. Most of the construction companies have their own highly experienced Florida injury attorney that will take it up with you if you knock down any of their staff. Needless to remind you that a single law suit could render you bankrupt and the fact that the accident happened in a construction zone further reduces your chances of coming out clean.

According to the report of Federal Highway Administration, about 100,00 construction zone crashes occurred in 2015 and the figure was even 8 percent lower in 2014. The most disturbing of them all is that about one hundred construction workers get killed by motorists in traffic accidents every year.

The economy in Florida improves constantly and people troop into the state regularly. This means more roads have to be built and other roads have to be strengthened as they now encounter increasing traffic. This is why there are usually several road construction projects taking place at the same time in different locations in Florida.

An awareness program on this issue is in the pipeline already. It will start on April 9 and run through till April 13. The awareness is titled “Work Zone Safety: Everybody’s Responsibility”. Since rear-end collisions account for about 50 percent of multi-vehicle accidents in construction zones, and the only cause of this is over-speeding, motorists are advised to slow down and move over when approaching construction zones.

Violating the move-over law was said to have caused 212 crashes in construction zones in 2017. It is also important to mention the fact that distraction also contributes to the trend. If a motorist is not distracted by electronic devices, he will be distracted by the architectural ingenuity exhibited by the construction work in process.

It is not just an option for a motorist to slow down and move-over, he is legally obliged to do so, especially when approaching stopped emergency vehicles.