As bike accidents become a greater concern in the state of Florida, local authorities are trying their best to combat them. Despite these efforts, the number of cyclists who are injured or even killed continues to rise each year. This is obviously disconcerting to those who reside in Port St. Lucie and the Treasure coast region, as well as the rest of our state. Thankfully, a Florida personal injury attorney is there to help if someone discovers themselves a victim of one of these unfortunate accidents.


Florida laws have obviously been put into place in an effort to protect cyclists. However, when these laws are not obeyed, the proper parties can be held accountable for what has taken place. Clients who have obtained the services of an experienced personal injury attorney with an understanding of these statutes will experience a greater level of success when it comes to seeking justice and redress for their losses, injuries and damages.

Treasure Coast Bike Accident Claims

In many instances, accidents of this nature can be fatal or can leave the cyclist with severe, permanent injuries. Also, drivers who are believed to be at fault may often choose to flee the scene as well, especially in cases where the driver was impaired at the time of the accident. This can make a potential claim that much more challenging for the bike accident victim.

Bicycle riders who are injured while riding a bike are often afforded protection under their auto insurance policies or against the auto insurance policy of the at-fault driver. Contacting an attorney who specializes in these types of accidents can help walk the victim through all the ins-and-outs if injured while cycling.

Port St. Lucie Bicycle Safety

Of course, cyclists should try to do everything in their power to make sure that they are able to remain safe over the long haul. This includes wearing an appropriate helmet, safety gear and visible clothing. Also, driving defensively is an absolute must. Cyclists should make every effort to ensure that motorists see them on the roadway. They should not make assumptions that put them in danger.

Statistics bear out that August and September are difficult months for the average cyclist to navigate. There are simply too many drivers and cyclists on the road during these months, making it difficult to avoid accidents. The back-to-school season is particularly fraught with danger.

According to the demographics, middle-aged riders are actually experiencing the highest level of danger when it comes to accidents like these. Middle-aged riders who are looking to stay fit will need to pay closer attention to the roadways, and ride defensively. Motorists must also yield to cyclists at all times, and pay closer attention to the parking lots that they are passing.

Right-hand turns can be particularly challenging. It is also important to give cyclists a wide berth, so that they are able to make turns without placing themselves in danger. A bicyclist must always have access to the same rights as the driver of a motor vehicle. Everyone must come together and do their part to eliminate the number of deadly accidents that are currently taking place in the state of Florida.