Automobile accidents are all too common and according to numerous reports, they take place every few seconds. When we are driving on the road, we often allow ourselves to become distracted, especially when we are traversing the same stretch of highway on an everyday basis.

Even the most minor accidents can have severe long term effects and accident attorneys do everything in their power to warn clients about the vehicles that they need to be aware of when on the road.

While there will always be concern about the larger trucks and smaller motorcycles that can often be found on our roadways, a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach will warn against the dangers of the more commonly found automobiles.

The most dangerous vehicles tend to share the same characteristics and drivers that follow the advice of their accident attorneys know exactly what to look for.

For example, a vehicle that is more lightweight will pose unforeseen dangers to fellow motorists and drivers should keep their eyes peeled for lightweight vehicles when driving during inclement weather conditions.

Drivers should also be on the lookout for any vehicle that does not have proper side impact protection. When a vehicle that does not have proper side impact protection, it is much more difficult for a motorist to remain safe should an accident take place and the amount of damage that is done to both vehicles increases dramatically.

A personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach will also warn against the dangers of vehicles that are prone to rolling over. This group includes cars, as well as a number of popular SUVs. Specific makes and models are can be researched, as Nissan and General Motors vehicles have been found to cause a high number of fatalities and be some of the most dangerous vehicles currently on the road.

Forbes magazine recently performed a study that was designed to provide further insight into this matter and let drivers know which specific vehicles they should be avoiding when they are on the road, so that driver awareness can increase. Mazda B series vehicles, Buick Rendezvous, Mercury Mariners, Ford Escapes, Nissan Frontiers and Toyota Yaris brands were found to be especially unsafe.

These vehicles do not always handle properly and they do not possess the necessary electronic stability. When vehicle fatality data is collected, these are two of the main factors that are investigated and drivers that wish to know more on the matter would do well to learn more about these risk factors.

Attorneys can help immensely at moments like these, by letting drivers know more about the specific vehicles that they should be aware of, as well as the characteristics to be on the lookout for. Manufacturing flaws are not the sole cause of automobile accidents and by steering clear of certain makes and models, as well as lighter vehicles and larger vehicles that are prone to rollovers, you can stay safe when on the road.