Throughout the year, millions of people always come to Florida to participate in various forms of boating and cruising activities, thanks to the availability of a vast body of water. This popular lifestyle activity attracts over 20 million people yearly. In fact, people troop in, in their numbers as tourists from all over the world to participate in these oceanic activities on vacation.

Unfortunately, illnesses, boating accidents, and cruise ship injuries have become common occurrences as a result of these vast numbers. This emphasizes the need for a knowledgeable accident attorney who can handle the complexities of a cruise ship or commercial boat injury claim. Apart from having a proper understanding of federal and Florida state law, the lawyer must be familiar with maritime and admiralty law.

One of the most popular methods of vacation in Florida’s seaports is Cruise shipping. Sadly, there has also been an increase in the number of injuries on board the vessels due to medical negligence, pool drownings, explosions, burns, lax security, slip and falls, and other negative events.

Since boating became a significant part of Florida’s lifestyle, boat accidents off of the coast of Florida have never been far-fetched. Every now and then, these unfortunate happenings are heard on the news. Most times they occur as a result of a captain’s inability to responsibly and adequately perform his job. And as a result of this negligence, passengers, crew members and even other sailors get hurt.

Funny enough, many tourists know nothing about their legal rights when they are out at sea and injured. You will want to consult a personal injury attorney in West Palm Beach when you get injured during a cruise ship vacation.

It is necessary to have an experienced accident attorney who will not only help you understand whether and how damages can be recovered for your injury but also protect your rights. There are different types of cruise ship injuries, including mechanical defects, lack of security, explosions, fires, deadly food poisoning, violent passengers, attacks or rape by crew, injuries while ashore on a ship sponsored excursion, and trips or slips on decks and steps.

As a visitor or passenger, your obligations, duties, and rights are contained in your ticket and passage contract. This is why it is important you read them. In fact, this is the first thing to do especially if you are hurt on a cruise ship. By so doing, you get to understand when and where to bring a potential lawsuits against the cruise ship.

To this end, it is important to consult a lawyer who is capable of investigating your claim. An Orlando boating and cruise line accident lawyer can assist you with the fine print on the passage contract.


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