Trampoline parks may be a lot of fun but they are causing a great deal of trouble for residents of Southwest Florida. Hundreds of injuries are taking place at these locations and a personal injury attorney in Florida can only do so much to prevent them. While strains, sprains and falls are common, more serious injuries have started to crop up.

The most serious injuries take place when two jumpers manage to collide in midair. Broken bones, spinal cord injuries and severe brain trauma are just a few of the issues that are being experienced. Users may also miss the trampoline entirely and collide with surfaces that are not meant to be landed on.

An experienced personal injury attorney in Florida has already dealt with injuries of this nature in the past. Even though trampoline parks are something of a new concept, trampolines have been causing numerous accidents and incidents since their initial inception. Experienced attorneys cannot prevent these accidents but they can offer helpful advice when needed.

Whether it is homeowners who are not attentive when guests are using their trampolines or park owners who are taking the proper precautions, these injuries are continuing to pile up. Florida has passed legislation that aims to hold these park owners and homeowners accountable for injuries that take place on their property but these laws can be challenging to enforce.

When children or tourists experience injuries, the resulting legal battles tend to be very complex in nature. This is where the assistance of an experienced legal team comes in handy. Be sure to ask the attorney that is being considered if they have handled cases that are related to injuries that have taken place on a trampoline in the past.

Many parks will simply ask their guests to sign a liability waiver in hopes of convincing them to forgo litigation if injuries happen to occur. However, the signing of a liability waiver is not some magic wand that keeps a park safe from having to provide compensation for accidents that happen on their grounds.

Premises liability litigation and product liability are areas that can be difficult for the client to navigate on their own. The waivers that are signed are not as easy to enforce as the client may think. A quality attorney knows how to cut through the legal red tape and hold the park accountable.

A waiver of this nature cannot be vague by and very few of these waivers actually cover the specific damages that are taking place. If injuries take place that are not considered to be part of the inherent risk of this activity, the client may be entitled to a much higher settlement than they originally expected.