Whether you reside in Jupiter or Palm Beach Gardens, you have heard about the prevalence of early morning trucking accidents. Sadly, many of these accidents feel rather unavoidable, and all too often, have extremely tragic outcomes.  Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens residents who are involved in trucking accidents should contact an attorney well-versed in the  laws that affect trucking companies to know their legal rights.


When truck drivers are crisscrossing the Florida terrain, they drive during all hours of the day and night. Their travel schedules often cause accidents to take place during the early hours of the morning. An experienced trucking accident lawyer knows the ins and outs of these types of crashes. What are the factors that an auto crash lawyer is most likely to warn their clients about?

The Factors Most Commonly Discussed By a Trucking Accident Lawyer

  1. Sleepy Driving

An accident attorney will often warn against sleepy driving.  Fatigued driving is a common problem that needs to be avoided. This decreases the risk of crashes.  There are special rules that truck drivers must follow as to how long they can drive without taking scheduled breaks.  They are required to keep a special log that contains this information.

  1. Unique Traffic Patterns

If the driver is on the road during the early morning hours, they are more likely to encounter other trucks. City trucks are also out and about at this time. These patterns must be considered in order to stay safe.  There are also rules for truckers to follow relating to safe speeds of travel in light of the traffic conditions around them.

  1. More Wildlife

Wildlife are more commonly found on the roadways during the earliest parts of the day. If these wildlife happen to dart out at the wrong time, an accident will occur. This is something that all truck drivers, as well as other drivers, in South Florida need to be aware of.

  1. Lack of Visibility

The level of visibility that is available to a Florida truck driver during the early morning is not always as ideal as they would like.  Fog, smoke or bad weather can often be factors in these instances as well. Special regulations set forth a truck driver’s duty to use extreme caution under poor weather conditions or other conditions that affect visibility.

  1. 5. More Drivers Who Are Under The Influence

As any experienced car crash lawyer can tell you, early morning can be a time when more drunk or impaired drivers are on the roadway.  Early morning truck drivers cannot neglect this key fact and must remain aware and drive defensively.

Taking the necessary precautions is still a must, even for drivers who are already aware of these risks. When trucking accidents occur during the early morning hours, it is time for all parties involved to pick up the phone and contact an experienced trucking accident attorney immediately.