A fatal accident that occurred in Florida last year took the life of a motorist who was driving at high speed. The cause of death was due to a semi-truck that pulled into the road which the car uncontrollably hit. Initially, reports stated that the driver was on auto-pilot and had been warned severely to switch off auto-pilot mode before embarking on the unfortunate journey that led to his death.

This accident was the first of its kind involving a car with the fast rising auto-pilot technology. This has raised enough legal questions regarding which of the parties are to be blamed for the accident.

Other reports also stated that the driver solely relied on the self-driving technology without placing his hands entirely on the wheels as a form of precaution. For the rest of the journey before the driver’s death, he had spent thirty-seven minutes in traffic, driving on auto-pilot only to place his hands on the wheels for thirty-seconds.

Investigators made preliminary findings which revealed the primary cause of the death of the driver. The self-driving car could not detect the white lining side of the semi-truck against the sky. So, the driver hit the truck unknowingly and unexpectedly.

On a daily basis, self-driving car is proliferating Florida. Because this innovation is in its early stages, the rich benefits may, sometimes, outweigh the cost. So, these auto-driven cars need to be improved to avoid series of accidents and casualties in the coming future.

However, what could also become a worrisome outcome for drivers is an over-reliance on self-driving cars. Because technology cannot replicate the accuracy humans have, drivers may not have the chance to avert an impending accident when the vehicle is operating in auto-pilot mode.

A lot of people might have been involved in this type of accident in one way or another, and perhaps don’t know the authorities that can give the needed help.

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