Uber is one of a number of corporations that recently started testing self-driving automobiles, which will be ultimately sold to consumers. Although, Google is setting the pace at the top when it comes to technological progress, Uber is an active competitor as well as, along with several other major automobile manufacturers. Much like Google, Uber began testing its vehicles in various locations across Arizona, in public traffic.

The testing had been a success until an event that occurred on Friday, March 24. A Honda CRV driver attempted to make a turn to the left at a four-way intersection, in a bid to steer around the oncoming traffic. The CRV driver had safely crossed two lanes of the oncoming traffic, before failing to see Uber’s self-driving vehicle in the third lane. The Uber car like most of their self-driving automobiles was a Volvo SUV.

Following the standard when it comes to test driving this type of vehicles, Uber’s test car had a driver seated in the driver’s seat with another sitting in the passenger seat (although neither of them was controlling the car as at the time of the collision).

The Honda hit Uber’s test vehicle, pushing it onto its side which made it bounce off a pole before bumping into two other vehicles. In the end, there was no serious injury. The Honda CRV driver admitted fault and was issued a ticket.

Uber reacted by putting its testing on hold through the weekend, so as to take the time to conduct a proper investigation regarding what led to the collision. On Monday, March 27, Uber began testing again and concluded that there wasn’t any fault with the self-driving automobile and that the accident was caused by the Honda driver’s negligence.

Final Thoughts

Although self-driving cars promise tremendously improved safety on roads, they are still human-made, thus vulnerable to human error. These vehicles will inevitably cause a number of auto collisions at some point in the future (as a result of faulty design, or poor maintenance to mention a few). Our civil justice system will be needed to enable an injured party to obtain relief in such cases. This is where a personal injury lawyer comes in.

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