Buckman Bridge has long been the site of various accidents and Florida residents who are looking to avoid these concerns watched a recent state appellate decision closely. Studies have also shown that this bridge is not the death trap that some are claiming it to be.

A West Palm Beach,Fl Car Accident Lawyer can provide valuable advice in this regard. There are certain limits that are associated with circumstantial evidence. The aforementioned case was in danger of falling apart in a court of law because it required the stacking of various inferences. This was only compounded by the fact that the plaintiff claim was already circumstantial to begin with.

Buckman Bridge: Car Accident Lawyer (Photo Credit: Wikimedia-Ebyabe)

Types of Evidence

The types of evidence that are used in these instances are divided into two different categories: circumstantial and direct. As for the case above, the court decided that the claim was not going to be reliant on inferences. The plaintiff received a favorable verdict as a result.

How Can a West Palm Beach, FL Car Accident Lawyer Help?

When a case does not rely on direct evidence, it can be tough for a client to prove their innocence or that someone was at fault for the accident that took place. If direct evidence is available, that means that there is an eyewitness or some form of irrefutable evidence that can be used.

Circumstantial evidence, on the other hand, is much different. This evidence has more to do with a so called “smoking gun”. In other words, if a shooting takes place and the victim turns around to see a smoking gun, they can reasonably infer that the person who is holding the gun can be held responsible.

Florida Injury Cases

Both forms of evidence are permissible when it comes to cases like these and this is important for potential clients to remember. The stacking of inferences is often prohibited, however. This is where the assistance of an experienced injury attorney comes in handy for Florida residents.

They will let the client know if they are able to continue to stack these inferences and if their case is a viable one. If the case relies on the stacking of inferences, this is typically not the best sign. This is especially true if the client is relying on circumstantial evidence to prove their claims.

What Happens After a Car Accident Has Taken Place?

Once a car accident has taken place, it is time to contact an injury attorney immediately. Do not wait. When a Florida motor vehicle accident occurs, time is of the essence. Clients who make the mistake of waiting are only causing their case to become less viable.

A consultation call can be made, free of charge. This allows a potential client to find out more about the assistance that they are able to receive.


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