Traffic on I 95

Rush hour traffic can leave South Florida residents frustrated during their daily commute. Auto accident attorneys know all too well how I-95 wrecks and construction zones add to the timely delays many motorists encounter. Thankfully, FDOT is trying to help the situation by installing on-ramp signal lights.

What are On-Ramp Signal Lights?

On ramp signal lights are special traffic lights that work to reduce congestion and resulting traffic delays that occur specifically at the on-ramps of I-95. These signals work based upon real-time traffic conditions, meaning that they are activated during periods of heavy traffic, like the morning and evening commutes. They can also be used when an accident occurs.

The signals alternate between red and green lights to control how many vehicles are permitted to enter I-95. They are effective because they break up the groups of merging vehicles to reduce the impacts of entering traffic to regulate the flow to I-95.

Locations for New On Ramp Signal Lights

Miami Dade County has already been using the on-ramp signal lights. The good news is now FDOT will begin implementing these devices in Palm Beach County as well.

The first site will be I-95 and Palmetto Park Boulevard in Boca Raton. FDOT statistics show that over 57,000 vehicles travel east on Palmetto Park Boulevard each day and nearly a thousand more travel west in any given day. Therefore, this is the perfect site to begin using these devices in Palm Beach County.

Estimates are that these signals improve mobility and travel speeds during evening commutes by 16% and morning commutes by 11%. The use of these devices will hopefully translate into an easier commute for Palm Beach County residents, as well as fewer auto accidents.

How Does Ramp Signaling Work?

1. When the Signal is Red: Drivers should pull up to the marked white line on the pavement before the “Stop Here on Red,” sign to activate the ramp meter light.

2. When the signal light turns Green: One or two vehicles, as indicated by the signage on the ramp, should proceed and merge onto the interstate.

3. Be patient: A short wait at the ramp will help reduce your travel times and improve your commute along the mainline.

Enforcement and Penalties

Enforcement of Ramp signaling is part of the I-95 Express Program. Drivers who fail to obey the traffic signals will be subject to penalties as permitted by law. To Learn More about ramp signaling, you can visit FDOT’s site at

If an accident takes place, an auto crash attorney can provide the necessary assistance. Before contacting an auto crash attorney, be sure to check on any other parties involved in the accident. Talk to any potential witnesses, contact the police and take any photos that are helpful from a documentation standpoint. These are the steps that must be taken in order to receive a desirable outcome.


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