When a South Florida pedestrian finds themselves dealing with injuries that took place when they were struck by a motorist, their first instinct is to contact a Florida injury attorney. While a Florida injury attorney can offer a great deal of advice in these scenarios, there are a number of things that you’ll need to know.

The injuries that take place when a car collides with a pedestrian are typically painful. They can also cause the pedestrian to be out of work from an extended period of time. In order to receive the necessary compensation for the injuries that have occurred, pedestrians need to increase their level of awareness on a few topics first.

For starters, the most common victims tend to hail from backgrounds that make it more difficult for them to get a fair shake in a court of law. In many instances, they are either very young or very old. Or, they may hail from the sort of economic background where hiring an injury attorney can seem like an expense that is essentially unpayable.

This ignores the fact that many of these drivers have extenuating circumstances that can be directly tied to the injury. For example, no one should have ever to endure the injuries that are caused by an oncoming car when the driver is drunk or impaired in any way. The same goes for any driver that is operating a motor vehicle while they are being distracted.

If you are of the belief that you were struck by a motorist through no fault of your own and you are a pedestrian in the South Florida region, there is no reason why you should leave anything to chance. The injuries that are experienced may seem minor in the present moment but that does not mean that they won’t become more severe over the long haul.

When that happens, you will have very little recourse against the driver responsible for your pain and suffering. Whether the damage is taking place in the lower extremities or the upper extremities, clients need to know that they are able to trust those who have their very best interests at heart.

There are a variety of factors that must be considered in these cases as well. The size of the vehicle, the rate of speed at which it was traveling, the height and weight of the accident victim and the angle of the impact are all crucial pieces of information.

These sorts of variables make it difficult for a pedestrian to prove the extent of their injuries on their own. A skilled attorney is needed at times like these so that the client is able to receive all of the compensation that that they need, in as timely of a fashion as possible.