Any Florida resident that has spent a decent amount of time on the highway this summer has probably encountered drivers that are traveling much faster than the speed limit. As any personal injury attorney in Florida can tell you, these drivers are also being pulled over by troopers at a greater rate than ever before.


Operation Southern Shield is an initiative that has been started by lawmakers in various states, with an eye towards cracking down on this particular issue. Collisions take place because of speeding on a regular basis. Reaction times are reduced and the risk of fatal injuries increases.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer In Jupiter Florida Can Help

Motorists are not always aware of the risks that are involved in these scenarios. However, speed is one of the main causes for fatal traffic collisions, in conjunction with intoxication. South Florida residents must remain cognizant. Drivers who cause accidents because they are traveling at excessive speeds are more likely to cause a fatal injury.

These drivers are also more likely to leave the scene of an accident that they have caused. Accepting responsibility is not always easy when it comes to these types of accidents. The Governors’ Highway Safety Association has conducted reports on the matter and the findings are shocking. Nearly half of all motorists in Florida believe that traveling 10 miles over the speed limit is perfectly acceptable.

Auto Accident Attorneys can help by letting motorists know more about these risks. They can also shatter preconceived notions, like the ones above.  Finally, if you are a victim of a negligent speeding driver, a Jupiter auto accident lawyer can help.

Examining These Accidents More Closely

An auto accident attorney can examine all of the circumstances that are associated with accidents that are speed-related. While these instances may seem cut and dry, there are other factors that are going to have to be considered. Even when excessive rates of speed are involved, an experienced attorney can examine all of the facts that are associated with the case to make sure a victim’s rights are protected

Even when a driver is found to be partially at fault, the applicable laws put into place may still permit a Florida motorist to collect compensation for their injuries.  There are also cases where the victim finds themselves at blame erroneously and requires the assistance of a South Florida legal representative.

The process of determining fault in these instances tends to be very complex. Those who are looking for assistance would do well to contact an experienced legal representative in Palm Beach County.