When a bike accident occurs, our first instinct is to contact a bike accident attorney in Florida. While picking up the phone and calling a bike accident attorney in Florida is always a good idea at times like these, there are other steps that need to be taken. Knowing what to do next is not always easy.

That is why we have prepared a helpful guide that gives you all of the advice that you need. First of all, you are going to need to contact a police officer as soon as the accident occurs. This is your chance to file the report that is going to make or break your case. No jury or judge is going to hear you out without one.

One of the more common mistakes that is made in these instances is a refusal to file a police report even if the injuries are minor. Injuries that appear to be minor can worsen with time and when we do not take the time to file the correct reports, this makes our case look a lot weaker than it should.

Place yourself in the shoes of a judge and jury. If they are told that the person presenting the case did not file a police report and is claiming to be seriously injured, this casts a great deal of doubt over the proceedings. It makes the client appear to be an ambulance chaser who is not being totally honest about their accident.

The police report is your chance to have your side of the story fully documented. There is not going to be a second one. The information of the other driver must also be collected at this time. Do not allow them to leave the scene without providing it. Otherwise, this will place you in an incredibly difficult position when it comes time to receive information from their insurance company about compensation.

Talking to witnesses in the area is also helpful to your cause. They are able to back up your version of events and keep you from having to spend a great deal of time and money reconstructing what took place. An impartial observer’s take on the situation is worth its weight in gold. Seeing a doctor is the last step that needs to be taken. They are able to take a closer look at your injuries and serve as a secondary source outside of the police report.

A bike accident attorney in Florida is able to provide the sort of assistance that we cannot receive elsewhere, though. They take all of this information and create a case. Be sure to follow all of the aforementioned instructions, in addition to speaking with the attorney as soon as the accident takes place.