Many car accident lawyers in Boca Raton are now concerned about the increase in car accident injuries in Florida. Reports have shown that Florida records the highest number of terrible drivers in America. The report was drawn from a study compiled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The administration arrived at its records by calculating the number of wrongful deaths per miles within the state and this also includes accidents that are as a result of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol which are reported to the FBI. Also, the report compiled also gives the account of both insured and uninsured motorists as well as Google’s analytics on searches of violators getting speeding tickets and traffic tickets.

Florida records the highest number of worst drivers on its highways. A lot of driver’s in Florida have a misconception that they actually drive very well but in reality, this is not true as statistics have proven otherwise. Florida was listed 2nd twice as America’s worst state due to the high number of car accidents that had led to the loss of many lives. They were also listed as the 9th on the list of searches that came up for speeding tickets and even with this bad reputation, it is surprising that they rank low on the number of driving under the influence (DUI) arrests.

What makes Florida keep its record for its high ranking in car accidents is also the fact that they have very bad and unsafe roads. Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles rates Florida’s fatality rate with a 2.8 because it recorded over 1,011 car accidents in the state which led to more than 1,000 wrongful deaths in the last ten years.

This report only goes to show that when there are more drivers on the road driving longer miles, there are higher chances of recording more deadly accidents. Also owing to a large population, one would find that there are more drivers that are uninsured because the insurance costs are rising especially for car owners. Drivers, in turn, would ignore the law by driving their cars without insurance because of the high costs involved. Due to the fact that many drivers have no car insurance in Florida, attorneys usually advise their clients to buy into uninsured motorist coverage which they can get to protect themselves from drivers that do not have insurance. It is best to be safe than sorry to avoid falling prey to these dangerous drivers in Florida. In Florida, there are a number car accident lawyers, Boca Raton that will assist in personal injuries caused by these dangerous drivers.

Accident victims in Florida know that they don’t only have to go for compensation claims but having an experienced attorney counts as they have assisted many American’s to recover from accidents by getting the appropriate financial compensation after the accident.