When you buy a car insurance, you usually don’t pray to use it but when the need arises, you will hope to that your insurance provider will gladly approve your claim. Apart from the fact that it is required by law, claim approval is the second reason people willingly purchase car insurance provider.

Well, if you still think your insurance company will automatically approve your claim, think again. If you reside in Florida and you expect to get your claim approved without hiring a personal injury attorney in Florida, then you are probably planning to win more Olympic medals than Michael Phelps in a single Olympic.

When you make a claim and your insurance company quickly pays it, you must have under-calculated your claim. Insurance companies spare no expense in picking holes in your claim to deny it or drastically lower your claim.

Many residents of Florida will testify to this fact as they have had their claims either denied outright or ridiculously slashed. As an accident victim, if the other driver’s insurance limits are too low, you may want to file a claim for compensation through your own policy. Don’t be surprised if your claim is either denied or slashed.

A recent case revealed the extent to which insurance companies can go to ensure your claims are reduced. According to the case, the plaintiffs filed a claim after losing two family members in a car accident. The family has insured 5 cars through the company.

Since the rule stipulates that there should be a maximum of 4 cars in a single policy, the company generated two policy numbers giving the policy holders the impression that they had two insurance policies.

The limit of each policy was set at $250,000 so the plaintiffs filed a claim for $500,000. They got only $250,000 and when they filed a law suit against their insurance company, they lost because the second policy number referred to the first one. The second reason for rejecting the claim is that they were being issued bill all along.

Thirdly, there was a disclaimer on the bill that all the plaintiffs’ vehicles were insured under one single policy despite having two policy numbers. What is not quite clear here is whether the plaintiffs didn’t notice the disclaimer or they just didn’t understand it.

As a matter of fact, considering the facts presented, the plaintiffs had no case. However, knowing insurance providers for whom they are, the disclaimers may not have been written in clear terms. So, learning from this, you should always involve a personal injury attorney in Florida at the point of purchasing an insurance policy.

If the plaintiffs had involved a personal injury attorney in Florida when the insurance policy was purchased, he would have pointed out the booby trap long before the accident.


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