Recently, a man rammed his vehicle into the rear end of a stationary dump truck at a particular intersection and lost his life right away. This has recently brought the issues of the dangers of rear-end collisions to the front burner.

There is a marked increase in this type of collisions and while some of the victims get injured, others lose their lives completely. A lot of developed countries like Canada have already put structures in place to reduce the cases of such accidents. So, people are also agitating for such in the United Sates.

Unfortunately, under Florida law, the rear driver is presumed to be at fault in rear-end collisions because he is believed to be negligent. It is needless to say that this is not true in all cases. Well, it can be overturned depending the circumstances of the collision. It also requires the expertise of a personal injury attorney in Florida to convince the court on what happened.

It is important to note that when such collisions occur, the impact is usually more on the occupants of the rear vehicle. According to a reliable source, about 1,500 people lose their lives annually in collisions with heavy vehicles and the trend will not change if drastic actions are not taken to mitigate it.

The economy in Southwest Florida is growing fast and so are industries therein. This is why more heavy vehicles are finding their ways into Florida roads and that also means there are more rear-end collision dangers on the road. Heavy trucks like landscaping vehicles, flatbed trucks, cement trucks, dump trucks, utility trucks, tractor-trailers, delivery trucks, and garbage trucks are all over the roads in Florida. While drivers need to be more careful, it also means that more rear end collisions should be expected.

Some of the factors that contribute to the risks of rear end collisions are impatient, unqualified, or inexperienced drivers, overloaded vehicles, unsafe vehicles, and unsafe loads. The fact that traffic will soon reach its peak makes matters even worse. Construction barrels will also begin to emerge soon.

While the article focuses on motorists, other road users like pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists also face risks on the road. When you are involved in any rear-end collision and you are the rear driver, don’t just assume that you are responsible for it. Seek the services of Personal Injury Attorney in Florida first.

With the way some of the drivers of these heavy trucks maneuver or make U turn dangerously on the road, you may not be entirely at fault if you run into any of them. A highly experienced personal injury attorney will find a way to find out the truth and prove it in court.

Most importantly, you should be careful. Don’t be impatient and always assume that you are the only sane driver on the road. Your life is important. Protect it.