In a bid to obtain optimal supervision and assistance, most seniors would prefer to trace their way to senior-care facilities. But it is sad to know that a good number of these elder adults often come to these places to meet their early death with many becoming significantly disabled. Without proper supervision and assistance, elderly residents are very likely to get injured when involved in fall accident.

Virtually every senior in the US is vulnerable to fall accidents which have risen to become the leading cause of accidental death among older Americans. Over 3 million senior citizens experience fall accidents and are thereafter admitted into hospital emergency rooms every year. When it comes to managing fall accidents among elderly adults, Florida is rated as the state with the highest cases.

As a result, the state is seeking to support healthcare providers and patients with relevant fall-prevention resources via the distribution of Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries (STEADI) toolkits. According to recent reports revealed by the National Institutes of Health, a significant number of seniors suffer fall accidents yearly at most nursing homes and other senior-care facilities.

Some effects of falling include fractured ankles, wrists, hands, and arms. Those professionals (caregivers) in these facilities are usually the first point of call whenever residents (seniors) suffer a fall. However, it is interesting to know that this kind of accidents can be greatly prevented. Many elderly adults are unaware of their fall-prevention rights. There is the need to work alongside with a personal injury attorney in Florida in the event of a fall accident.

Besides, businesses in Florida (particularly those that cater to the needs of seniors) are admonished to ensure that these elderly residents are provided with effective safety features such as signage, lighting, handrails, etc. Apart from being highly relevant, these systems can go a long way in helping to lessen the business owner’s liability.

When foreseeable injuries are allowed in senior-care facilities, property owners can become liable based on Florida law. Just so you know, there is a reasonable expectation of safety for any person who is lawfully found on the property. Unlike a private property owner, business owners in Florida must understand that they owe customers a greater duty of care and protection under any circumstances.

Every personal injury attorney in Florida understands the state’s premises liability law that holds any business liable for failure to remedy dangerous conditions of which they had actual or constructive knowledge of. To this end, property owners or business owners in Florida are required by law to take necessary steps in ensuring that no preventable fall accident occurs right under their surveillance. The importance of taking fall-prevention seriously while caring for the elderly cannot be overemphasized.