When our loved ones are placed into a nursing home, complete trust is given to the embodying organization responsible for their well-being. Unfortunately, there are occasions where incidents do occur that result in the passing of residents.

At least eight people have already been reported as deceased and several others injured at a prominent rehabilitation center located in Hollywood Hills, Florida. When hurricane Irma came sweeping through, caring little of those left in its path, the nursing facility was left without power. Many residents found themselves struggling for survival in the unbearably hot conditions. As a result of the power outage, the air conditioning system was rendered useless, leading to the preventable deaths of far too many trusting residents.

If a family member of yours resided within the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, Florida, it is important to call or complete an online submission form to begin the wrongful death lawsuit process. These accidents not only could have but should have been avoided at all costs. Family members of those lost deserve to have a truthful explanation surrounding their loved one’s passing. They are owed the answers as to how it happened and how it could’ve been avoided.

Having been an attorney who represents a variety of victims involved in wrongful death cases for quite some time, it’s easy to see that these untimely and devastating events could have been prevented if proper protocols were adhered to. Furthermore, should absolute neglect surface as part of these cases, those responsible will receive the full punitive arm of the law.

It’s crucial to understand that while boasting several licenses, the Rehabilitation Center of Hollywood Hills, Florida had a multitude of complaints voiced by The Agency for Healthcare Administration. These violations occurred within the rehabilitation center’s first two years of licensed operation.

Then, in March of 2017, the facility continued to disregard standard policies and received more violations. Investigative reports have documented discrepancies in the facility’s prescription delivery system. There were eight percent errors, translating to many cases where patients didn’t receive the medication they required or when they did, it was the wrong kind.

Also of note, the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, Florida had failed to properly maintain their emergency generator. According to various staff members and record reviews, the generator system, primarily used in case of power outages, was not kept to code. It is required by law to keep vital systems in current working order. To do otherwise often results in the preventable loss of lives.

Fortunately, many surviving victims or the deceased member’s family can bring the facility to justice. Florida law dictates that the beneficiaries of wrongful death convictions are entitled to compensation. Though criminal prosecution won’t bring back a loved one, it could prevent it from happening again.


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