After an accident, many individuals wonder whether or not to call a car accident lawyer (or commonly known as personal injury lawyer.) Well, you don’t need to call your lawyer if no one is hurt and the damages are minor. But the instances mentioned below definitely require the assistance of a reputable, experienced and well-qualified car accident attorney.


1. A Serious Injury Or A Death Caused By An Accident
If, by any chance, a person (or multiple persons) are seriously injured, or even killed, you should call a Port St. Lucie Personal Injury Lawyer right away. These cases can often involve complicated issues. Evidence may need to be collected immediately. To clear up the issues, defend yourself and make a claim for just compensation, there should be the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. In most cases, the earlier an attorney is involved the better.

2. Your Injuries And Medical Treatments Prevent You From Working
If you have been involved in an accident, and you are not in a position to work, you need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer for future proceedings. The same rule applies if you can’t work because of the medical treatment you receive to recover from the injuries caused by the accident.

3. The Accident Involves Multiple Parties
Even if the damages do not involve fatalities, you should call an accident lawyer if the respective accident involves three or more parties (pedestrians, commercial entities, property owners etc.) Such situations can be very complicated, and if you don’t handle the case properly, an insurance company might not properly assess the responsibility among the at-fault parties.

4. The Accident Involves A Motorist Who Doesn’t Have Insurance
If any of the parties involved in the accident do not have insurance coverage (uninsured parties,) you should obtain the guidance of a car accident attorney straightaway. In areas like Port St. Lucie and Fort Pierce, if the accident involves an uninsured owner or driver, make sure you call your auto accident lawyer to avoid complications.

5. Evidence Should Be Collected To Support The Accident Case
If you have become a victim of an auto accident and you are hurt, you should have evidence to support your claim. However, the best person to do that is your personal injury lawyer. They are trained to collect as much evidence as possible and help you gain the compensation you deserve.

6. Before Engaging In Settlement Talks
In many cases, auto accident lawsuits can be settled without going to trial. That means, you will get a settlement offer from the party that actually caused the accident or their insurance company. Sometimes insurance companies will try to settle your case quickly after an accident for an inadequate amount. To deal with such situations and obtain a reasonable and appropriate settlement offer, get the assistance of a car accident lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.

7. The Accident Has Happened Some Time Ago
When it comes to Florida (Jupiter, West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie,) there are various deadlines or time limitations to bring a claim after being involved in an auto accident. It is crucial to talk to a personal injury attorney right away to protect your rights. Otherwise, your claim could be forever barred.

Safe driving!