Most young people in Eastern U. S. universities look to southern Florida as a spring break Mecca. The local teens join the revelry on the beaches and in the clubs. No one comes to Florida expecting to need the services of a personal injury attorney in Florida during spring break.

The sad fat is that southern Florida ranks in the top ten most dangerous spring break destinations. The danger is in avoidable injuries. Statistics compiled by the state of Florida show that deaths during spring break have never been higher.

The causes are relatively easy to understand. Young people do not always pay as much heed to danger as older drivers. Alcohol and overindulgence are significant contributors to the higher than average rates of accidents, injuries, and deaths that have occurred in southwest Florida during spring break. Younger drivers have more to distract them from safe driving.


Florida has not sat idly by and watched as the rates of accidents and deaths increased.

The Florida legislature passed laws that make an owner of a bar legally responsible for allowing a person to drive when they are obviously intoxicated. The intent of the law is to prevent people who are drunk from driving. The law targets serving alcohol to underage people specifically. The law includes grocery, convenience, and any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages.

The Florida Highway Patrol increases its promotion of programs that urge people to not drink and drive during spring break. These programs include public service ads. The increased police presence on Florida highways in planned to reduce the 15 accidents per day that happen in Florida.

The government in Florida has commissioned studies that indicate that parents are the first and best prevention of poor decisions about alcohol and driving in young people during spring break or any time. Curfews, defined expectations, and consequences are encouraged as preventative measures as well as growth strategies.

All groups involved urge the strict use of designated drivers when alcohol consumption is involved.

Automobiles are not the only threat

Car accidents are certainly the type of accident that gets the most attention because they cause the most damage, injury and loss of life. There are other threats that may require the services of a personal injury attorney in Florida.

Silly and simple things can hurt you severely. Texting and walking can result in a broken nose. You can venture into the path of an automobile while walking while drinking.

Motels and hotels strive to keep their facilities safe. Accidents do happen. There is a large difference in the legal liability involved in an accident that happens to a paying resident and a visitor.

Spring break should be fun. There are controllable threats and uncontrollable threats to your body, safety, and even your life. A personal injury attorney in Florida is needed to prevent loss when accidents happen.


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