August 16

Children Responsible For Accidents Place Legal Liability On Their Parents

Children will always be children and will make mistakes from time to time. The law, normally, does not offer compensation to victims of a child’s negligence. However, there are cases where the child or child’s parents are expected to offer compensation to victims. These are cases which result from willful misconduct or cases in which.

August 9

Court Dismisses Plaintiff’s Claim Over Bicycle Accident

Last April, a written opinion in a premises liability lawsuit was released by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. The suit which was filed against the federal government alleged that the United States Forest Services was negligent in the maintenance of bike trails. The court ultimately rejected the claims stating that.

August 4

Personal Injury And The Res Ipsa Loquitur Doctrine

In Law, the Latin term “res ipsa loquitur” is translated to mean the thing speaks for itself, is an ideology which is applied when a plaintiff attempts to establish negligence on the part of a defendant without actual proof. However, for this doctrine to hold, the plaintiff must establish that the said act of negligence.

August 2

Two Reasons Why You Should Hire A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida

A fatal accident that occurred in Florida last year took the life of a motorist who was driving at high speed. The cause of death was due to a semi-truck that pulled into the road which the car uncontrollably hit. Initially, reports stated that the driver was on auto-pilot and had been warned severely to.

July 31

Florida Premises Liability Charges Against Landowners

It is normal for landlords to owe the duty of care to people they invite to their land. It is generally accepted that the amount of care owed to visitors primarily depends on the relationship between both parties. The landowner-tenant relationship presents a fascinating intersection of the law of contract and the premises liability law..

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