May 16

According To A Florida Injury Attorney Motorists Are Usually Found Liable For Motorcycle Accidents

Over the years, motorcycle riders have been held liable for accidents involving themselves and motorists. They are usually accused of being reckless on the roadside. However, it has been discovered that motorists are often responsible for accidents that involve motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders and the authorities in Florida are sending a message to everyone since.

May 15

Seniors At High Fall Accidents Risk In South Florida

Florida Health is promoting the “Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, and Injuries” (STEADI) toolkit, which provides resources for preventing fall to healthcare patients and providers. Florida is the center of a wide-range of fall accidents among seniors. One of the leading cause of accidental death among elderly adults in America is fall accidents – according to.

May 11

Ride Safely In South FL With A Florida Injury Attorney

Most motorcycle accidents occur with other vehicles, and usually, it’s the fault of the car. In Florida, this is a big problem. In 2016, there were 555 motorcycle-related deaths in Florida. This was the highest number of deaths from motorcycle accidents in any state in America. Florida is taking steps to reduce the risk of.

May 10

How An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Can Help Those Involved In A Serious Intersection Collision

Currently, there is a high rate of intersection accidents across South Florida. Some people residing in a neighborhood in Florida are already casting blames on the lack of a functional traffic signal. According to a recent report by FOX4, there is the need for a traffic light at natural points of traffic like Alderman’s Walk.

May 8

Florida Injury Attorney For The Deadliest Time On Local Roads

When are you most likely to be in an accident? According to one news outlet, the afternoon is the riskiest time of the day to be driving. This conclusion was reached after studying data gathered from the Metropolitan Planning Organization. Unlike the morning, which has several factors that could lead to an accident (drivers rushing.

May 4

Why The Cases Of Rear-End Collisions Have Increased

Recently, a man rammed his vehicle into the rear end of a stationary dump truck at a particular intersection and lost his life right away. This has recently brought the issues of the dangers of rear-end collisions to the front burner. There is a marked increase in this type of collisions and while some of.

May 1

A Florida Injury Attorney Helps Defendant Find Favor In Court

An appellate court in Florida, earlier this month, made a ruling concerning a personal injury case. According to reports, the defendant is the owner of a parking lot which was leased to a food truck. Although the defendant created and operated the parking lot, a different company was responsible for using it. The parking lot.

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