January 17

Nature Of Personal Injury Process

When looking for an attorney to deal with a possible personal injury, experience counts. Personal injury law defines as legal methods and defenses against wrongful conduct by someone else other than the person injured. Tried in the civil courts, it does not always involve a physical injury, but includes such things as emotional distress or.

January 15

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Hindered By Inappropriate Filing

Wrongful death lawsuits in Florida can sometimes be a very tricky issue when it involves who has the right to sue. Someone can pursue a claim as an estate representative of the decedent, or they can pursue the case as the decedent’s survivor. When survivors make claims, they tend to get better damage award, but.

January 12

Florida Injury Attorney Vs. Garbage Truck Injuries

Most people in South Florida really do not think about being killed or permanently injured by a garbage truck. The statistics make this fantasy unrealistic. Almost two people are killed weekly in the United States in an accident that involves a garbage truck. Garbage trucks are deadlier than hurricanes.  Data collected by a Florida injury.

January 9

Discussing Hospital Liens In Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits

If you have ever sustained a personal injury, it is possible that you are faced with a hospital lien on any injury you suffer from the person who caused the injury (the wrongdoer). A hospital lien basically surface when you are taken into emergency care after a car accident or a slip- and –fall and.

January 8

Appeal Court Reverses Verdict Due To Lack Of Evidence

A case was brought before an appellate court in Florida that involved an aggrieved defendant who believed that the verdict by the lower court was not accurate. At the end of the day, the appellate court reversed the verdict by the lower court due to lack of evidence. Case facts The plaintiff, in this case,.

January 2

Protect Your Legal Right By Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer In Boca Raton

For several motorists in Miami Area, this past Thanksgiving weekend was rather unfortunate. Thanksgiving holiday is considered the most dangerous holiday in the USA according to a spokesman for Florida Highway Patrol. The spokesman also stated that fatal road accidents increased to about 15% just the day before Thanksgiving. These occurrences have been the reason.

December 29

Why Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer In Orlando Is The Best

In Orlando, when you are involved in an automobile crash, PIP covers the cost of treatment up to $10,000 irrespective of who is responsible for the accident. Orlando’s no-fault insurance laws were put in place to help most motorists to avoid time in court and to quicken payments to injured drivers. However, there is a.

December 28

Can A Judge Override A Jury’s Verdict In A Florida Personal Injury Case?

Generally, in Florida personal injury lawsuits, the role of the judge is to rule on any objections made during the trial, determine evidence that will be admissible during trial, and instruct the jury on what law is relevant after both parties have rested. The judge is also responsible for hearing post-trial motions and any ruling.

December 27

Holidays Increase The Risk Of Drunk Driving Accidents In Florida

As the holiday festivities carry on, there is a lurking risk on Florida roads, and this is drunk drivers. Recent studies by SCRAM Systems found that 28% of highway fatalities are alcohol-related. That the figure rises up to 40% during holidays. It is 35% on Thanksgiving, 41% by Christmas, and 58% on New Year’s Eve..

December 20

Deadly Auto Accidents On The Rise Again In Florida

It is always sad when you hear news of a rise in auto accident related deaths and injuries in Florida. Which is why it is challenging to report that data collected in recent history proves that the number of auto accidents resulting in personal injury and wrongful deaths rose dramatically over the past year in.

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