March 22

Hire Personal Injury Lawyer Orlando For Intersection Accidents

Car accidents are one of life most common mishaps. There are different types of car accidents. Of all these types, intersection or T-Bone accident is one of the most fatal. The severity of this accident is determined by factors such as the speed of the vehicles involved and the impact angle at which the accident.

March 16

Rights Of Florida Nursing Homes In Focus

Advocates of elder care are proceeding with a plan of adding the rights of the nursing home bill to the constitution of Florida. The negligence of lawyers by nursing homes remain alarmed by the industry of nursing home in the nation. But maybe, there is no other place in the nation that encounters lots of.

March 14

Safety Of Tour Bus In Focus As Southwest Florida Tourist Season Peaks

It was reported that a minimum of ten persons were injured in an accident involving a tour bus. While a Florida car accident lawyer regularly sees uninsured/underinsured motorist accidents and hit-and-run collisions, accidents involving tour buses do not occur frequently. Nevertheless, like crashes with tractor-trailers as well as other commercial cars, such collisions usually result.

March 8

Protecting Yourself From The Winter Danger Of Motorcycle Accidents

Although most people believe that motorcycle accidents are common during summer months, statistics have shown that the winter months pose a greater risk for motorcycle riders in Florida. With the Daytona Beach Week for bikers taking place in March, the traffic and weather combination is cause for concern. Motorcycle riders suffer serious injuries during prime.

February 22

Plaintiff’s Bike Injury Case Dismissed Due To Government’s Recreational Use Immunity

An appellate court last month in Indiana released a written opinion during a personal injury lawsuit involving a bicyclist who suffered an injury while using a government-owned trail. The court was required to determine if the government was under immunity based on the recreational use statute of the state. In the end, the plaintiff’s case.

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