June 20

The Increase In The Number Of Toy-Related Injuries Gives Cause For Concern

According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there were about 240,000 toy-related health issues in 2015 alone. This gives serious concern to the danger posed by toys to children. According to an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida, a plaintiff can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of a particular toy if he.

June 7

Knowing The Role Of An Injury Attorney As Injury Claims Arising From Sexual Assault Is On The Rise In Florida

In most recent times in Florida, personal injury claims being the result of sexual assault has been on the rise bringing a cause for concern. Quite an alarming number of people have been sexually assaulting or abusing others. In more than 30 of such instances, the suspects have been criminally convicted while dozens of criminal.

June 6

How A Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Can Help To Significantly Reduce The Increasing Rate Of Toy-Related Injuries

In recent times, there has been an increase in demand for new toys both online and in physical stores. But not many buyers are adhering to the manufacturer’s age recommendations particularly when it comes to purchasing items children can play with. To this end, it is important for buyers to regularly get themselves acquainted with.

June 5

Personal Injury Attorney In Florida Believes That Medical Conditions Can Cause Motor-Vehicle Collisions

It’s no news that a medical emergency or health condition can lead to traffic accidents. Unfortunately, this is one important aspect of safety regulations on the road that is not often mentioned. According to statistics, the largest population of older drivers in the US is found in Florida. These people are often exposed to increased.

June 1

Elevator Collapse Kills Two In Naples Construction Accident

Two construction workers were killed after a construction accident in Naples. This is a reminder of the kind of risks that can be faced in workstations and the consequences of Florida’s building boom. Both men were fixing a temporary elevator shaft when the scaffolding crumbled under them. Law enforcement officials reported that the victims fell.

May 25

Who Should Be Held Responsible During A Mass Shooting?

It appears like virtually every other week there is a report of a mass shooting in the news. Regardless your take on the issue of gun control, everyone has one thing in agreement; these incidents are tragic and worrisome. After these incidents, families are often left bereft and financially incapacitated. This is because, most of.

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