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Welcome to Hughes and Barnard Law Firm, PA, a distinguished legal team committed to providing unparalleled representation for cases involving nursing home neglect in Jupiter. With a profound understanding of the challenges families face when their loved ones suffer neglect in a nursing home, our dedicated attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process and help you seek justice and fair compensation.

A Foreword on the Prevalence of Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes in the United States

Moving your loved ones into a nusing home is never easy, and sometimes even presents financial challenges – aside from the mental toll that it takes on families. However, when we review the recent statistics on elder abuse in the United States, the facts are a bit startling. Here are some aspects based on a study of data provided by the World Health Organization to consider:

More than 10% of seniors above age 65 will experience elder abuse in a nursing home

Medical professionals and nursing home admins are either ill-equipped or lack the training to recognize elder abuse, or are complicit in it by failing to report it

Victims of abuse are almost three times as likely to suffer hospitalizations than their counterparts

Do not be complicit in elder abuse by standing down. Enlist Hughes and Barnard Law Firm, PA to help you fight against nursing home neglect in Jupiter, FL and surrounding areas.

If You Observe Any of the Following, You Might Have a Nursing Home Neglect Case…

Nursing home neglect can manifest in various distressing situations, each of which may warrant legal action to seek justice and restitution for the affected individuals. Cases often arise when residents suffer unexplained injuries, such as fractures, bedsores, or bruises, indicating potential neglect or abuse by the facility’s staff.

nursing home neglect attorneys in Jupiter

Malnutrition or dehydration are also alarming signs that may point to inadequate care. Poor hygiene and living conditions, including unsanitary surroundings or neglectful personal care, can further contribute to the deterioration of a resident’s health and well-being. Medication errors, whether in administering the wrong dosage or failing to provide prescribed medications, are additional situations where legal recourse may be necessary.

Emotional withdrawal and the staff’s overall negligence in addressing the residents’ needs also contribute to the grounds for filing a lawsuit against a nursing home. If you suspect any of these situations have affected your loved one, seeking legal counsel is crucial to holding those responsible accountable and securing the compensation your family deserves.

Why Trust Hughes and Barnard Law Firm, PA as Your Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys in Jupiter, FL?

Choosing Hughes and Barnard means choosing a legal team with a proven track record of successfully handling nursing home neglect cases. Here’s why we stand out:

Specialized Expertise

Our attorneys specialize in nursing home neglect cases, possessing a deep knowledge of elder abuse laws. We are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest developments in this area of law to provide you with the most effective representation.

Compassionate Approach

We understand the emotional toll that nursing home neglect can take on families. Our team combines legal expertise with compassion, ensuring that you and your loved ones receive the support and guidance you need throughout the legal process.

Thorough Investigation

Hughes and Barnard Law Firm, PA, conducts thorough investigations into each case. We meticulously review medical records, interview witnesses, and scrutinize facility policies to build a strong foundation for your claim.

Customized Legal Strategies

Recognizing that each case is unique, our attorneys develop personalized legal strategies tailored to the specific circumstances surrounding your loved one’s neglect. This ensures that we address your concerns and pursue the best possible outcome for your case. 

Our Comprehensive Approach to Nursing Home Neglect Cases

1. Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Our legal team initiates a comprehensive investigation, leaving no stone unturned in gathering evidence of neglect. This may include reviewing medical records, surveillance footage, and interviewing relevant parties.

2. Building a Robust Case

Armed with compelling evidence, we build a strong case that clearly outlines the negligence that led to harm or injuries in the nursing home. Our goal is to present a compelling argument that stands up to scrutiny in negotiations or in a court of law.

3. Aggressive Advocacy

Hughes and Barnard Law Firm, PA, advocates vigorously for your rights. Whether negotiating with insurance companies or pursuing legal action, we strive to ensure that you receive fair compensation for the damages suffered by your loved one.

4. Emotional Support

Navigating a nursing home neglect case can be emotionally challenging. Our attorneys and support staff are committed to providing the emotional support and regular updates you need to feel confident in the legal process.

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